Friday, February 22, 2013

Ragi Rava Sweet Balls

I tried few dishes using the famous ragi rava, one among those dishes is this cute healthy sweet balls. This balls are really very simple and you will enjoy thoroughly. Ragi rava is quite versatile and you can prepare any dish with this nutritious healthy ragi rava.

This ragi rava balls goes for simple ingredients,i just added few almonds nuts to give more nuttiness to these simple sweet balls. Also i rolled these balls using milk and just used a teaspoon of ghee for frying cashew nuts, else this nutritious sweet balls are quite addictive and you wont stop munching them. With a cup of ragi rava, you will get 6-7medium balls, an incredible sweet balls suits prefectly for a sudden cravings.Sending this cute balls to my own event CWS-Ragi or Quinoa guest hosted by my dear sister Divya.

1cup Ragi rava
1cup Sugar
10nos Almonds
4nos Cardamom seeds
1tsp Ghee
Few broken cashew nuts
Milk as per need

Grind the sugar and cardamom seeds together as fine powder.

Meanwhile roast the ragi ravanalmonds in a kadai until a nice aroma comes out, put off the stove and let them cool completely..

Grind this roasted ragi rava and almonds as bit coarse powder,add the sugar mixture and mix well.

Heat the ghee and fry the broken cashews until they turns brown

Add the hot ghee and fried cashews to the ragi rava-sugar mixture, mix everything well.

Add enough milk to the mixture and make out small balls from the mixture, you can also use ghee while making this laddoos.

Store it in an air tightened box.


  1. Im so sad i cant get this ragi rava over my place.....healthier version of this sweet tempts me so much perfect sweet for someone who dont prefer normal sweets....

  2. delicious rava ladoos with ragi touch and loved the almond decoration, so beautiful :-)

  3. Ragi and rava-Great combination! Healthy and delicious! I am your new follower. Do visit/follow my blog at-

  4. Nice sap.great recipe.cute almond flowers.

  5. These look so good Priya :) I think they will be perfect to sneak in some ragi flour in a home that otherwise tends to turn a blind eye towards it ;)

  6. This is the first time I am hearing about Ragi rava. A healthy balls. Nice presentation love those almond flowers.

  7. OMG ! Never tasted this.. Can u send it Priya :P

  8. Healthy balls...loved the nuts in there..

  9. Unique, interesting & tempting as always!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  10. Very healthy balls. will love it for snack

  11. Ragi sunni unda..a tempting one healthy sweet.
    Sai Padma Priya

  12. never heard of ragi rava.all u r recipes are amazing.

  13. wow, ladoo looks lovely.. must try..

  14. Encore une gourmandise qui me plait.
    Je te pique une boulette ou deux.
    A bientôt

  15. This must particularly be a hit with the kiddos :)

  16. More ragi recipes..loved this one too..Very innovative

  17. Healthy and delicious laddus..
    Thanks for linking it to the event Akka.. :)

  18. Very creative and yummy Ragi Rava-Quinoa (who would have thought?)
    Love the little balls; great as a snack and/or appetizers:)

  19. Does the ragi need to be roasted, or can it used without roasting ?

  20. Kritikool, its better to roast the ragi flour in simmer, this will gives a wonderful flavour to this sweet balls, while making instant sweet balls like this, its always adviced to dry roast the flours.Hope this helps.


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