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Misal Pav with Homemade Wheat Pav Buns ~~SNC Challenge

Misal Pav is one of the famous street food of Mumbai, my list for street foods goes for a huge list and one among those favourite i have misal pav too. I had a chance to taste this delicious street food during my last trip to India. Misal pav is prepared with many variations sometimes they go for a single legume like white peas or with a combination of mixed beans like white peas,moth beans and green moongdal. For this month's Southern vs Northern Challenge, we (Southern team) have to make this famous misal pav, coz Meena of Random Ramblings challenged us with this incredible street food, while Sherin of Kuk's Kitchen challenged Northern team with Medhu Vada. I know very well that both the teams are gonna rock with their challenges, honestly i was very much excited to see this misal pav, thanks to Meena for giving me a chance and pulling me to make my favourite street food at home.

Unfortunately if you live in abroad, if its comes to chaat items we dont get that much easily the store bought ones, obviously we have to make sometime those delicious street foods from the scratch.Since i dont have neither mixture to top this misal pav nor the pav buns, i prepared myself at home. This time i went for wholewheat pav buns and usual mixture i do prepare once a while for our evening snacks. Meena explained the recipe very well and it was quite easy for me to prepare them.Misal pav is still warm and we are enjoying rite now while am typing the recipe. Am very much happy that finally i could make myself at home one of my favourite street food. A big thanks to the brain child of this event Divya of You Too Ccan Cook for making this event very much interesting and we both teams are enjoying thoroughly this healthy competition.

Homemade Whole wheat pav buns:
1+1/2cups Whole wheat flour
1/2cup All purpose flour
1tbsp Active dry yeast
1tsp Sugar
1tsp Salt
1cup Luke Warm water
3tbsp Oil
Few drops of milk

Add the yeast, sugar and salt to the luke warm water, give a stir and let them sit aside for 5minutes until the yeast turns foamy.

Take the flours in a large bowl and add the foaming yeast water and oil together to the flour and knead everything as soft dough.

Arrange the dough in a large greased bowl and keep in a warm place for an hour until the dough doubled their volume..

After an hour, punch down the doubled dough and knead again, make 6 medium sized balls from the dough and arrange one by one in a greased mould and let them side again for an hour in a warm place.

After an hour; preheat the oven to 350F.

Brush the breads with milk and bake in middle rack for 15-20minutes until a golden brown crust forms over the bread...Put off the oven and take off the mould and let them cool.

Misal pav:
2cups White peas (soaked and cooked in pressure cooker)
4nos Onions (chopped)
2nos Tomatoes (chopped)
4nos Garlic (chopped)
1inch Ginger (chopped)
2nos Green chillies (chopped)
1/4cup Grated coconut
1/2tsp Red chilly powder
1tsp Coriander powder
1/2tsp Dry mango powder
1/2tsp Garam masala powder
1/2tsp Cumin seeds
Mixture for topping
Pav buns
Few chopped coriander leaves

Keep aside few chopped onions,we need it while serving.

Heat a kadai with a table spoon of oil, now saute the onions,tomatoes,ginger,garlic,green chillies until they turns soft,finally add the coconut and cook for few more minutes.Keep aside and let them cool.

Now grind these sauteed veggies as a paste.

Heat again enough oil in a kadai,fry the cumin seeds until they turns brown.

Now add the red chilly powder,coriander powder,garam masala powder,dry mango powder and fry in low flame for few seconds.

Add immediately the grounded paste and cook everything in simmer, finally add enough water to get a gravy.

Add enough salt and cook for 2-3minutes, add now the cooked peas and bring to boil,put off the stove immediately.

While serving, top it with mixture,chopped onions and chopped coriander leaves.

Serve it immediately with pav buns.


  1. must try this. looks great. sounds healthy too..

  2. Looks superb and hats off to you for doing everything from scratch :) yummmm I am hungryyyyyyy

  3. Lovely Pavs and Misal.... yUmmy akka.... Keep up the work... South eam gng good....

  4. wonderful
    u did all from scratch

    i cant make buns as stupid yeast gives prbs but u hv done exceptionally well

    since u hv tasted it before i m sure u loved making it

    err i think u hvnt linked it usinglinky tool at my space
    as it still shows one of asiya misal pav

  5. first time here.member of southern team.yummy pav.All the best.happy to follow you.check my space if you have time.

  6. the buns are looking perfect priya......

  7. Wow looks so colourful and yumm...

  8. Wow.... Absolutely delicious..Wonderful clicks...:) Happy to follow your blog..:) Lovely collections..Kudos to you:)

  9. Looks so delicious Priya!!! Living in abroad and no access to many street food items was a big pain to me also!!! I can feel ur pain, but that is the reason we get to make things at home!!! so yummy, so fresh and so flavorful!!!

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  10. Chaanceee illa priya.. superaaa irukku

  11. I just made the same wheat pav for last dinner.

    Pav looks so yummy and delicious.
    Lovely combi too.

  12. That looks fabulous dear! The buns turned out great!!

  13. Super fast in doing the challenge :-), perfect buns, loved the too planning to do this recipe from scratch :-)

  14. Oh I love misal pav! I am a nervous baker but this sure makes it worth a try!

  15. I love misal pav .Your buns looks superb

  16. people r so fast...looks so it...

  17. I'm mouthwatering here :)
    Wonderful clicks.

  18. Looks yummy Priya and awesome job with your pav buns :) I am in the same boast as you said, not having access to chaat items. Now I am so glad that we can make it ourselves.

  19. Misal pav is one of the favourites of the Maharashtrians and its tastes good when had hot.
    Like the photographs here.

  20. That is so nice Priya, you prepared it from scratch.. Buns look perfectly baked and all in all a wonderful dish..

  21. Awesome Priya..U r such an enthusiastic blogger, loved your effort :) Am so proud of you peole, all of you have done a great job since the event started :) Loved the home-made pav buns idea too... Lovely clicks..Hats off :) And thanks for the encouragement u r giving :)

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  22. Looks delicious!!! Wonderful clicks too!!!

  23. Heard so much abt the Misal-pav I have to try it sometime. Your look gorgeous

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  25. You made every item yourself! A huge credit to you and the misal pav looks as good as the original street food! Wow!

  26. I hear you on not getting good chats outside India, I make all of mine at home. Misal & the pav looks wonderful.

  27. Thanks Priya..A very nice helpful post..Looks awesome !

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  29. wow.. too good priya.. love it..

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  31. Perfect n healthy pav buns, misal pav sounds very it!
    will try this sometime..

  32. Yummy. Have been following your blog for quite sometime. Can i bake these buns in my LG Convectional microwave oven?

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  37. hats off to your effort dear. You did from the scratch. Mouthwatering yummy misal pav.

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