Saturday, December 15, 2012

Announcing Tried & Tasted - Sharmis Passions

Am honoured and happy to annouce that am hosting Tried & Tasted for this month of december, an event started by Zlamushka, which was taken over by Lakshmi of Kitchen Chronicles.Its a great pleasure to say that i have choosed a wonderful,super blogger Sharmi of Sharmis Passions as this month's T&T blog for this event..The motto of this event is to try and taste the dishes from our fellow bloggers by re-creating them in our kitchen.

Coming to Sharmi's space, most of us would have crossed her blog atleast once a while in this blogsphere since her space have many beautiful,healthy,nutritious, traditional,egg free dishes and her speciality is her step by stepwise pictures, even a novice cook or a novice baker never goes wrong with her recipes..You can see many traditional dishes to many bakes at Sharmi's beautiful space, i love her bakes and now we have no excuse to try and taste many beautiful dishes from her space.

So friends, do try any dishes from her space and send it to me anytime before 15th January 2013.You have few rules to follow, just go on through them before sending your entries to me..I'll be adding soon the logo as Lakshmi is actually creating the logo for this month's T&T event, a special thanks to her for creating the logo.

What you have to do is:

1)Cook any recipe(s) from Sharmi's Sharmis Passions and post about it. Stay as true to the original recipe(s) as possible. Therefore, there is no need for re-posting it, simply link to the original post..

2)There is no time-frame for the original recipe. It can be as old as my grand-mother or as fresh as a mung bean sprout.

3)Have you cooked from Blog of the month before? As this event is all about tasting and reflecting on the taste, older posts are also welcome. Simply link to this post and mention T&T event.

4)Link your post to link announcement and to Lakshmi's Announcement Page . Please always link to both sites, so both blogs are given credit and you are avoiding copyright fuss.

5)Dont forget to link your entries in the linky tool below.

6)Deadline is the 15th January and the round up will be posted within a week.

7)Non-bloggers are more than welcome to participate (after all, our posts are mainly being written for them). Simply e-mail me with your experience of what you cooked and please include a picture.

If you are interested in hosting this beautiful event, dont forget to send a mail to Lakshmi to her mail id-

Do cook more from Sharmi's space and enjoy sending me all your beautiful entries before 15th January 2013.


Rashida Shaikh said... Reply To This Comment

Omg, that's mind blowing idea and I would love to be in.
Keep going...

Suja Manoj said... Reply To This Comment

Great event,love Sharmi's space,she is a talented blogger.

Leena said... Reply To This Comment

Wow great idea,love her blog..count me in..

Nivedhanams Sowmya said... Reply To This Comment

great event... have some recipes from Sharmis Blog.... Will surely link it up!!!
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Amina said... Reply To This Comment

nice idea for the event... will link my entry soon...

Lakshmi Venkatesh said... Reply To This Comment

Great Priya. Thanks a lot for the hosting the event in your blog.

Mélange said... Reply To This Comment

I too love sharmi's place..that's a great event to conduct !

Nadji said... Reply To This Comment

Un évènement que je ne connais pas mais c'est une très bonne occasion pour découvrir plein de blogs du monde qu'on ne connait pas encore.
A bientôt

Sharmilee! :) said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks so much really glad to see this. :)

priya satheesh said... Reply To This Comment

That's a lovely idea Priya...Checked her blog..she has lots of awesome delicious recipes..Will try and link soon:)

Priya R said... Reply To This Comment

Aks, happy hosting and thanks to Sharmi for the 2 recipes i tried and that never failed me... Happy to link my 2 entries here...


Nivedhanams Sowmya said... Reply To This Comment

Have linked my first entry!!! Happy hosting!!
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Ongoing Event - SYF & HWS - Ginger

Archana said... Reply To This Comment

will send my entry Priya

Chitra said... Reply To This Comment

I'm happy to be a part of this. Thanks for hosting Priya.

Chitra said... Reply To This Comment

I'm glad to be a part of this.

Meena Selvakumaran said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Priya

This is my first entry .Happy Hosting!