Saturday, December 29, 2012

Brioche Apple Pie

Last weekend, i finished some leftover brioche dough with apple slices as this beautiful apple pie for our evening snacks. This brioche apple pie came out extremely fabulous, with simple ingredients this apple pie tastes simply awesome and personally this pie is one of my best bread i have ever baked.You doesnt need any spread to enjoy along with this pie.

In case if you dont have apples, you can go very well for pineapples,pears or dry fruits for making this brioche pie,but somehow i prefer apples. Mix and match the fruits,if you want to make them slightly different from mine. You guys should give a try to this incredible bake and am sure that you will definitely love this.

2cups Bread flour or all purpose flour

1tsp Active dry yeast
1/4cup Milk (luke warm)
2no Egg yolks
2tbsp Sugar +1tsp Sugar
1/2tsp Salt
75grms Butter (room temperature)
2nos Apples (sliced)
1/4tsp Cinnamon powder
2tbsp Packed brown sugar
Honey (for brushing)
Few silvered almonds

Mix the yeast,a teaspoon of sugar and salt to the luke warm milk, keep aside until the yeast turns foamy.

Meanwhile take the flour,egg yolk,sugar in a large bowl, add gradually the foamy yeast and turn everything as a soft dough, now add the butter and knead everything for 10minutes.

Arrange the dough in a bowl covered with a towel,keep aside for atleast for 2hours until they double their volume.

Meanwhile mix the sliced apples,cinnamon powder and packed brown sugar in a bowl and keep aside.

Knead the dough again for few minutes and roll as medium size disc.

Arrange in a warm place until the dough double the size.

Preheat the oven to 350F.

Place gently the already spiced sliced apple slices on the top of the dough,sprinkle the silvered almonds.

Bake for 20-25minutes, once the bread comes out of the oven,brush the top generously with honey and let them cool completely.



  1. Excellent looking apple pie. Loved the look of it.

  2. simply gorgeous & heavenly pie!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  3. Yummy..!! Beautiful presentation :)

  4. A lovely apple pie! Using brioche is a great idea! Perfect for tea-time snack!

  5. Perfect for the evening snack as you mentioned.. looks really nice too!

  6. wow awesome and fabulous!!!

  7. looks delicious...

    Happy New Year, Priya!

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  8. Looks very attractive..loved it.

  9. C'est effectivement une belle brioche. Les pommes doivent rajouter un tres bon gout.
    Je note.
    Tous mes voeux pour l’année 2013.

  10. Pie looks fabulous.I am sure it tasted awesome too.

  11. Very nice pie Priya. Looks absolutely delicious.

  12. That looks soo delicious. More pics will be nice and easy to drool over too :)

  13. Never tasted an apple pie--wish I could taste this one!

  14. avec les pommes c'est succulent j'aime beaucoup
    bonne journée

  15. That apple pie looks delicious!

  16. I’ve always wanted to make these beautiful looking apple pie, but have yet to get around to it. Thanks for reminding me of this dish!

  17. looks yummy dear. i will have a post mention u and ur blog tomorrow. thanks for posting such great recipes and being an inspiration to all of us.

  18. Looks delicious Priya..As I already said u r a good baker :) Everything comes out so perfect for u :)
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  19. wow Priya!!! you can do so many bakes and make it look so easy!!! this one looks sooo delicious!!
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  20. Perfectly baked n loved the cute apple arrangement :-)
    Wish you Happy NEW YEAR 2013!!!
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  21. Treat for eyes.looks very decadent n yummy...

  22. Looks Delicious Priya, will try sometime.


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