Friday, December 21, 2012

Brioche Bouclettes

Brioche is one of our favourite bread, everyone at home love to enjoy brioche for their breakfast with strawberry jam or simply with nutella. This time when i planned to make some brioche, i want to make them different from the usual one. I simply googled and finally i landed to a french blog, seriously i got hooked to this brioche bouclettes here,i love this curled brioche and prepared them last weekend for our sunday's brunch.

This brioche turned out simply fabulous, as this brioche goes for a syrup with butter,sugar and honey you dont even need any spread to while having them. Even though mine is not prefectly rolled as like the original recipe,tastewise they were simply prefect. Next time if you want to make some brioche,do give a try friends. Am damn sure that everyone at home will truly enjoy this addictive brioche.Do check ChampaSrivalliSumana Deepak,Veena,Jayasri and Preeti Deo wat they baked for the 10th day of bake-a-thon.

3cups Bread flour or all purpose flour
1tbsp Active dry yeast
1/2cup Milk (luke warm)
3nos Egg yolks
1/4cup Sugar +1tsp Sugar
1tsp Salt
100grms Butter
Black poppy seeds (for topping)

For Syrup:
2tablespoon Butter (melted)
2tbsp Packed brown sugar
3tbsp Honey

Mix the yeast,a teaspoon of sugar and salt to the luke warm milk, keep aside until the yeast turns foamy.

Meanwhile take the flour,egg yolks,sugar in a large bowl, add gradually the foamy yeast and turn everything as a soft dough, now add the butter and knead everything for 10minutes.

Arrange the dough in a bowl covered with a towel,keep aside for atleast for 2hours until they double their volume.

Knead the dough again for few minutes, divide the dough as two equal balls.

Roll the dough as a large disc, with a round cookie cutter cut the rolled dough as small circles. Continue the process until the dough gets finished.

Take three small circles and arrange them side by side, roll them to form a curled rolls.

Check here to know how to roll the small circles

Arrange one by one in a greased round baking pan and keep again for half an hour until they double their volume.

Preheat the oven to 350F.

Mix the melted butter,sugar and honey in a bowl, pour this syrup over the doubled dough.Sprinkle the black poppy seeds on the top.

Bake for 20-25minutes until the crust turns brown.

Let it cool completely and enjoy.


  1. You are really tempting me to try baking broiche.. They look so delicious and inviting..

  2. Perfectly baked Priya. The topping looks delicios

  3. Tempting Priya as always....

  4. Bouclettes look perfect, that is a lovely breakfast!

  5. Another interesting and delicious bread!!! very tempting and nicely explained steps!!!
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  6. already hungry here and to add that am visiting ur page.. guess my state of mind...I so want it now....grrr

  7. Wow! this looks great..Very tempting and inviting.

  8. wow great and perfect..

  9. Wow Priya. They look so soft and tempting

  10. You are a real baker should open up a bakery..

  11. That's very beautiful looking bake Priya..

  12. really tempting bake aks :) perfectly made, i still love yours, original :)

  13. OMG! these cute breads are killing me yum!

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  14. you are a lovely baker. Well baked dear.

  15. parfaitement magnifique j'adore
    bonne soirée

  16. Ta brioche est magnifique. BRAVO!!!
    A bientôt

  17. You are tempting me Priya :) Looks yummy.

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  18. These looks so delicious n tempting...lovely bake Priya!

  19. Wow they look awesome...great bake dear.

  20. Wonderful breakfast, home made fresh broiche


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