Thursday, November 15, 2012

Small Braid Rolls, Eggless Clove Leaf & Eggless Lion House Rolls

Our this month's Baking Partners challenge was to make either dinner rolls with eggs or eggless dinner rolls. Swathi of Zesty South Indian Kitchen,the brain child of this monthly baking event shared us 7types of dinner roll shapes and asked us to try atleast 3 among them. I chosed to make both eggless and rolls with eggs for this month's challenge. I tried the small braid rolls with eggs while for eggless version i went for clove leaf rolls and lion house rolls.

I followed exactly as the original recipe of dinner rolls with egg which Swathi send to us through mail,but i made a small change in the eggless version dinner rolls ingredients, the original recipe without egg had potato starch or cooked potato since i dont want use it, i skipped it and went for custard powder. Addition of custard powder gives a wonderful colour to my eggless dinner rolls and tastewise we didnt found anything different,my kids just enjoyed thoroughly when i served these dinner rolls along with cream cheese and a bowl of warm soup.However i enjoyed thoroughly this challenge as i like to play with yeast.

Small Braid Rolls:
5cups All purpose flour
1no Egg
1/4cup Sugar
1+1/2tsp Salt
2tbsp Dry yeast
2/3cup Milk powder
2cups Warm water
1/3cup Butter

Mix the water,milk powder together until the milk powder get dissolves.

Add the yeast to the mixture,then add the sugar,salt,butter,egg and the flour, mix everything and knead for a while, its will be sticky.

Now add the 2more cups of flour and knead for another few minutes to get a stiff dough. Finally add a cup of flour and knead again, the dough will be soft and not too sticky.

Transfer this dough to a greased bowl and keep in warm place for 2hours until they double their size.

Sprinkle the counter with a flour and put the dough on the flour.

Flatten the dough as rectangular disc, cut small rectangular disc from the rolled disc.

Make three slits to the small rectangular disc without disturbing the top of the disc, make the braid as show in the video.

Video for Small Brain & clove leaf rolls

Once the braid is ready, keep it again in warm place. Preheat the oven to 350F and brush the small braid rolls with egg yolk and bake for 20-25minutes until the crust turns brown.

                                                          Clove Leaf Rolls (Eggless)

                                                        Lion House Rolls (Eggless)
For Eggless Rolls:
4cups All purpose flour
2tsp Instant year
1/4cup Custard powder
1cup Lukewarm milk
2tbsp Sugar
1tsp Salt
4tbsp Butter
1/4cup Milk + 1tsp sugar for brushing

Take the flour,salt,sugar,yeast,custard powder and butter in a bowl..

Mix everything well,now add the lukewarm milk and knead everything as a soft dough, again knead to dough for few more minutes until they turns elastic.

Keep in a warm place until they double their size.

Punch the dough and prepare rolls with the shapes as you desire.

Simply roll the dough and pinch down three small balls from dough,place them to a muffin mould and keep aside to double their size,this is clove leaf roll.

Roll the remaining dough as a rectangular disc, cut it in the middle and cut them as small sized rectangular disc, and roll over them, arrange in a greased plate to rise until they double their volume, this is lion house rolls.

Watch here for Lion house rolls

Preheat the oven to 350F, mix the milk and sugar for brushing and  brush the dinner rolls on the top.

Bake for 20-25minutes or until the turn turns golden brown.

Let them cool completely and enjoy with your favourite spread.


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