Thursday, December 15, 2011

Panini Al Latte - Italian Milk Rolls

I have crossed this soft and spongy milk rolls while searching for a quick,easy and super spongy buns, i got hooked immediately with this milk rolls when i watched in you tube..The next day itself i tried this incredible milk rolls as this beautiful rolls goes for usual ingredients with milk as main ingredient..These milk rolls are quite incredible, simply addictive,mildly sweetened, a prefect milk rolls to enjoy with nutella spread..Ideal to carry anywhere to enjoy along with any grilled meat,salads or simply with any spreads or else as dinner rolls..These rolls stays very much prefect even for two or three days, but am sure that there wont be any leftover coz these tiny rolls are quite addictive.Sending to Julie's Flavors of Cuisines-Italian guest hosted by me.

1/2litre Milk
1/2cup Sugar
1tbsp Yeast
1/4cup Butter
4cups Bread flour or all purpose flour
Milk or Egg (for brushing)

Heat half a cup of milk for few seconds, milk should be luke warm but not too hot..Add the yeast and 2tbsp of sugar to the luke warm milk,mix it and keep aside until the yeast foamy..

Heat the remaining milk with sugar, butter,salt and stir until everything gets well mixed.

Take the flour in a bowl, make a well in the centre and pour the milk and yeast mixture, mix everything well and foarm as a ball, knead until the dough turns soft and elastic.

Arrange the dough in a greased bowl,cover with a damp cloth and arrange in a warm place for two hours..

Punch down the dough and cut the dough as many pieces,shape them as small balls and arrange over a greased baking pan,brush the rolls with warm milk and let them sit again for an hour..

Meanwhile preheat the oven to 420F, if you want to brush the risen buns with eggs,you can do them rite now,but i skipped it, bake them for 18minutes or until the crust turns golden brown..

Once these rolls gets cool completely,arrange them in a air tightened box and enjoy with spreads..


  1. just looking at it itself i can see how soft it is

  2. Superb!!! looks so beautifully done:)

  3. Whenever you bake it excites me so much.Came out perfectly well dear.Professional it looks !

  4. absolutely love the soft are right..must be great with nutella or jam..

  5. The rolls look absolutely stunning!

  6. Perfect looking buns. So soft and fluffy.

  7. awesome milk rolls..............perfectly done priya

  8. That looks soo soft and spongy.I will bookmark this one.

  9. Yummy. Look so soft and delicious.

  10. Super spongy one Priya, looks fantastic.

  11. OMG, these look so gorgeous!
    Victorian milk bread is made like this too, just in a loaf form.

  12. Book marked., luks perfect.Thanks for sharing :)

  13. They look spongy and should taste milky :)

  14. yummy tea time snack.. looks perfect


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