Monday, April 13, 2009

Mixed Veggies N Olive Salad

Refreshing salad with black olives...simple salad with cooked potatoes,few cucumber pieces, grated carrots, boiled corn kernels and black olives dressed with olive oil dressing...prefect for lunch also for dinner!!! potato is a versatile vegetable, rich in carbohydrate prepared in loads of variety way while carrot is rich in beta -carotene, which he body stores and converts to vitamin A, benefits of carrots is good for vision which proved scientifically....One cup of corn provides 18.4% of the daily recommendation of fiber. Its high fiber content is one of the biggest benefits of corn. Fiber has been shown to help lower cholesterol levels and help reduce the risk of colon cancer...Olives are concentrated in monounsaturated fats and a good source of vitamin E.Olives are also very light foods contain low calories, but at the same time very filling..This is my entry for Madhuri's Serve me some...Salads..

2nos Potatoes cubes(cooked)
1/4cup Grated carrots
1/4cup Cornkernels
20nos Black olives
1/4cup Cucumber pieces

Olive oil dressing:
1/2tsp Dry parsley leaves
2tbsp Olive oil
1/4tsp Pepper powder

Whisk together everything for olive oil dressing with a fork and keep aside... take a large bowl, add the cooked potato cubes, grated carrots,cornkernels, black olives an cucumber pieces...add the olive oil dressing befor serving the salad..

Enjoy the delicious salad!


  1. Healthy and very refreshing salad also very colourful, thanks for sharing..

  2. Never tried olives in salad,looks colourful!

  3. Sucha lovely and colorful salad Priya, a very healthy lunch!

  4. healthy salad priya..looks colorful!!

  5. Never tasted olives in ma life :D
    But your picture looks surely wonderful and great! :)

  6. I love olives. Salad looks great Priya!

  7. Hi Priya,
    Healthy salad, Olives in salad is a good tip..thanks

  8. ooohhh helthy salad priya looks so refreshing your salad mmmm

  9. Healthy colourful salad.I have yet to try olive in salads.

  10. looks wonderful !! healthy salad.

  11. Lovely n colorful looking healthy salad!

  12. Priya akka, salad looks refreshing and healthy..kalakungaa!

  13. Colorful and very refreshing..


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