Friday, December 5, 2014

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter

We love anything with peanuts, i never tried peanut butter at home as peanut butter are dead cheap here and they are easily available in both Chinese and African super markets. But i always want to make peanut butter at home since a long. Finally i did it, yes i just whipped up some vegan peanut butter with chocolate to have with bread. Trust me,making peanut butter at home is definitely very quick and seriously easy to make. Just roasted peanuts makes this fantabulus peanut butter,in case if you want to flavor it just go on. My today's recipe goes for obviously roasted peanuts, melted chocolate with dark brown sugar and salt. Just 4 ingredients is enough to make this beautiful spread.How easy na.

Chocolate Peanutbutter, Vegan Chocolate peanutbutter

But for making peanut butter, food processor works wonder. Two cups of roasted unsalted peanuts makes almost a cup of peanut butter. Homemade peanut butter tastes more delicious than the store bought one since they dont have any preservatives. But their shelf life is very shorter than the storebought ones. However you will enjoy thoroughly this chocolate peanut butter with bread slices or either for making sandwiches. The addition of melted chocolate turned this simple peanut butter more delicious. This spread is going to be a part of this week's blogging marathon as i picked Tame the yeast as this week's theme.Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#47.

Chocolate Peanutbutter, Vegan Chocolate peanutbutter

2cups Roasted unsalted peanuts
1tbsp Dark Brown sugar
1/4cup Melted chocolate
1/4tsp Salt

Take the roasted peanuts in a food processor, grind it until its turns as a thick paste.

Add in the melted chocolate,salt and dark brown sugar, process again until its turns smooth.

Transfer it to an air tightened box.

Enjoy with bread slices.

beurre de cacahuète au chocolat

Beurre de cacahuète au chocolat
2tasses Cacahuéte grillées
1 c à soupe de Sucre brun foncé
1/4tasse Chocolat fondu
1/4tsp Sel

Prenez les cacahuéte grillées dans un robot culinaire , moudre jusqu'à ce qu'une pâte épaisse se forme.

Ajouter le chocolat fondu, le sel et le sucre brun foncé,remoudre jusqu'à ce qu'une pâte lisse se forme.

Transférer le mélange dans une boîte hermétique .


  1. So rich and creamy and the chocolate takes it to a new level.

  2. Super tempting sauce.. Chocolate and peanut butter would have tasted great!!

  3. Delicious and lovely looking peanut butter. Excellent preparation.

  4. that is a killer recipe!!! so tempting... can enjoy this with breads!!

  5. Sinful treat Priya ka. Its a killer as Sowmya has said.

  6. Chocolate and peanut what an interesting combination

  7. Wow peanut butter looks so creamy and lovely

  8. That is a splendid idea! combining peanuts and chocolate! Kind of peanut nutella :)

  9. So yummy chocolate peanut butter.

  10. That is one delectable chocolaty spread you got there Priya.

  11. Wow that butter looks fantastic. .real yum.

  12. wow thats such an addictive spread :) I the chocolate flavored peanut butter, perfect texture :)

  13. hi peanut butter looks yummy would love to try it ,but recipe is not in english maybe something is wrong at my end !!

  14. Delicious spread.. Looks rich & creamy...

  15. SO yummy! Love to slather some on the bread and eat :)


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