Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eral Kuzhambu

Eral kuzhambu without coconut paste but making out with a variety of vegetables like drumstick,raw banana n potatoes..goes well with Plain rice, papads or else with boiled egg.. For seasoning, i used vengaya vadagam which give a special aroma and replace very well the mustard seeds and split black gram we usually used to temper while making out tangy gravies prepared with tamarind juice.Vadagam is usually made by the elders of the family who know very well. They make it every year in summer when the sun is hot and the onions are cheap. Its serves for a whole year. Vadagam was made basically with onions,garlic,curryleaves n spices.It gives a special aroma to kuzhambu when tempered with this aromatic vadagam...

20nos Prawns
1no Tamarind (lime size)
20nos Shallots
5nos Garlic cloves
1cup Potatoes(cubed)
1cup Raw banana (cubed)
5nos Drumstick pieces
2tbsp Dhania powder
1tsp Red chilly powder
3tsp Gingelly oil
1tbsp Vengaya Vadagam
Salt (as per taste)
5 nos Curry leaves

Grind the tamarind with tomatoes with 1/2 cup of warm water...make it as thick paste,strain this grounded paste and add enough water...heat oil in a kadai n splutter vadagam..add the garlic cloves,curryleaves and shallots, fry it until it turns transparent, add drumsticks,raw bannana pieces to the sauted shallots..finally add the prawns put the stove in low flame..this will cook the prawns...

Add salt, dhania powder and red chilli powder to the tamarind n tomato juice ,now add this spiced juice to the cooking veggies and prawns,cook everything in high flame..once its boil for the first time add the potatoes pieces to this gravy..cover n let it cook for 10 minutes...put off the stove..

Serve hot!


  1. hmm, I know I will definitely love it along with some warm rice!

  2. Simply delicious and lipsmacking eral kuzhambu!! perfect with it!!

  3. yummy. so delightful.. will try this. i dnt know about this curry

  4. lovely tangy and spicy kuzhambu dear.....

  5. Oh what a lovely click...looks yumm. I like to add shrimps to my spicy vegetable kara kuzhambu..just like you, it adds up the flavour, right.

  6. I use vadagam too, it adds a nice flavor to the gravy. Never tried Eral Kuzhambu with vegies. Looks delicious.

  7. I love vadagam flavored Kuzhambu. Lovely tangy kuzhambu!

  8. I miss this one, my mom does a good eral kuzkambu! Ok I will drool now :)

  9. Its new to me.....Looks delicious...

  10. delicious recipe...grt to have with rice

  11. Yummy and spicy eral kuzhambu, looks delicious.

  12. very healthy and nutritious kuzhambu...delicious too!

  13. Slurp Slurp...I can hardly wait to get my hands on the bowl of shrimp fav..adding drumsticks and other vegetable is new to me..yet looks so delicious......cioussss

  14. குழம்பு பார்க்கவே சூப்பாராயிருக்கு...

  15. slurp slurp, era kozhambu ,Vayee ooordhu Priya, coming to your home with my plate :)

    I love to add murungakka and vadavam to my puli kozhambus, they add a nice special flavor to the curry; looks absolutely delicious!!!

  16. Just the way my mother makes it.Lovely...

  17. Eral kuzumbu looks and sounds divine Priya...I too use vadagam for seasoning all types of kozumbu...cant do anything without it :)


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