Sunday, March 9, 2014

Carrot Lemonade

Sunday brunch is something i would like to have atleast once a month, i truly enjoy it coz my weekend working H will have his brunch with me. Obviously if he is at home, i'll make special brunch dishes for him. He loves french toasts very much with a simple home made fruit juice for his brunch. Needless to say i'll make different fruit juices freshly for the brunch. Today i have prepared this gorgeous looking carrot lemonade for our brunch hence am posting it today as i belong to a group of bloggers who blogs twice a month on sundays, our group name is Let's Brunch On Sundays.

Coming to this carrot lemonade, this super fresh drink goes for easy breezy ingredients, just a carrot, lemon juice and some grated ginger with sugar makes this beautiful drink. When served with ice cubes, you can enjoy this lemonade thoroughly during summer, yes this drink is definitely a summer drink , a fantastic healthy thirsty quencher.

1no Carrot (chopped roughly)
1tsp Grated ginger
1no Lemon
Sugar (as per need)
Ice Cubes (if needed)
A pinch Salt

Take the carrot,ginger,sugar,salt and water in a blender, blend everything as a smooth paste.

Strain the carrot juice with a thin holed strainer.

Keep this in fridge.

While serving, squeeze the lemon juice, give a stir.

Serve immediately with icecubes (if desire)..


  1. healthy, refreshing drink. nice vibrant colour. Feel like taking the glass off the screen

  2. Lovely combination n luks so inviting.....

  3. Love the orangy color to the drink and love the combo akka.will try this soon

  4. Lovely color.wish to have a sip :)

  5. A fantastic idea, Priya. I would love one now.

  6. A Refreshing glass there!! love that beautiful color!!! :)

  7. Priya, that is such an ideal drink for brunch always love ur ideas.

  8. Very healthy & refreshing drink...loved the vibrant colour...

  9. Looks beautiful. Only ever made simple carrot juice. I am sure the ginger and lemon lift up the taste to a new level

  10. nice drink for a sunday bruch...i m lazy to prepare this on sunday ,may be on a summer day i will try .

  11. Wow it looks so beautiful and I am sure taste must great...

  12. healthy and refreshing drink. nice click.

  13. lovely idea...carrot and lime..never thought of combining them ever...this looks so good


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