Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nutty Lychee Oats Smoothie

Since ever i prepared this Apple Oats Smoothie, this kind of oats smoothie with variety of fruits is one of our favourite breakfast whenever we dont like having breakfast especially during weekend..Few days back, i prepared this smoothie with handful of almonds,chironji seeds,cashew nuts,oats,lychee and dates syrup with thick yogurt, this combination works out wonder,more healthier,filling and completely sugarfree..Serve it chilled or ice cubes, this smoothie tastes delicious with a fabulous lychee flavour and incredibly nutty coz of those nuts i have added in this smoothie..

1cup Lychee (chopped)
10nos Almonds
2tbsp Chironji seeds
10nos Cashewnuts
1/2cup Rolled Oats
2cups Thick yogurt
1tbsp Lion's dates syrup

Soak the almonds,chironji seeds and cashew nuts for few minutes in hot water, you can either remove the skins of almonds and chironji seeds or else you use them without their skins too..Blend everything together and serve chilled or with ice cubes..


  1. a very healthy and tasty smoothie

  2. What a lovely smoothie Priya, Brava!


  3. oh priya- yet another yum combo ! nice

  4. Hello again ... after my long vacation ... I love your kitchen are visiting and writing to that delicious bread .. ... visualizare've done all the recipes that I could not see in this absence ... bsssMARIMI

  5. Lychee smoothie is one of my favourites anytime...looks so tempting!

  6. Thats a very healthy n yummy combo dear

  7. Un smoothie qui sort de l'ordinaire.
    Il doit être délicieux.
    A très bientôt.

  8. What an innovative,nutritious delicious combo!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  9. impresionante! Forgive my spanish words! :D Love the smoothie!!

    Kavi, Edible Entertainment

  10. Yum and Slurp - here's to goodness!

  11. Lychee is my favorite and this one with oats sounds like a nice idea!


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