Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Zeytinyagli Taze Fasulye - Turkish Green Beans With Olive Oil

Traditional Turkish cuisine have many delicious dishes with vegetables, as most of the time meats are not easy to buy. Most of the Turkish families enjoy their food once a week with meats that too with chicken, obviously their cuisine have many tremendous vegetarian dishes which are quite easy to prepare quickly. We have few Turkish neighbours in our appartment and needless to say their cooking skills are seriously very interesting. Last year, during summer we had an appartment reunion, each and every family came with their home made foods. That was first time i tasted their Green beans stew which tastes simply fabulous with our basmati rice. Both works awesome together, with mild garlicky flavor and mild tanginess, this stewed green beans when served cold makes an excellent lunch. Immediately, i asked my Turkish neighbour to share her green beans recipe,without any hesitation she shared her mom's recipe of this popular Turkish green beans aka Zeytinyagli Taze Fasulye.

Zeytinyagli Taze Fasulye, Turkish Green Beans Stew

Oh boy, this recipe is very easy to make,just simply with usual ingredients and fresh green beans you can dish out this ultimate vegetarian dish within half an hour if your green beans are super tender. This dish was sitting in my draft since a year and finally i got a chance to post this dish. Thank god i picked Turkish cuisine under European cuisine for this week's blogging marathon. Coming to this delicious, aromatic Turkish green beans, if you are using a pressure cooker you can dish out this dish in very less time than you can imagine. If you love mildly flavored vegetarian dish, trust me, you will definitely love this dish.Olive oil is a must to make this vegan dish, dont skip it.

Zeytinyagli Taze Fasulye, Turkish Green Beans

1/2kg French Green beans
1no Onion (chopped)
3nos Garlic cloves (chopped)
3nos Pulpy tomatoes (diced)
1tsp Sugar
1/4cup Olive oil
1/8tsp Cumin powder
1/4tsp Pepper powder or crushed pepper
1/2cup Hot water

Heat the olive oil in a pressure cooker, add the chopped onions and garlic cloves, stir until the onions turns transculent.

Add the green beans, salt, cumin powder, pepper powder and stir until the beans change slightly the colour.

Zeytinyagli Taze Fasulye, Turkish Green Beans

Add the diced tomatoes,sugar and cook everything for few minutes, put the lid and cook in medium flame for 10minutes.

Serve cold or at room temperature.

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  1. Beautiful rich vibrant color makes me want to reach for some.

  2. The beans look delicious , simple ingredients but a great dish .

  3. Though the dish name is hard to pronounce, the stew looks so vibrant.

  4. Dish name... difficult to pronounce but easy to make and looks so delicious.

  5. That's a wonderful way to indulge in some beans...

  6. Turkish green beans recipe looks great.. What a nice green beans color. Tempting to eat now.

  7. Wow! that is delicious. Love the simplicity of the dish.

  8. Turkish green beans looks amazing and super healthy.

  9. The name is definitely a mouthful but sounds very tempting.

  10. Such a simple and flavorful Turkish green beans.

  11. when my Mom was on vacation in turkey she told me about all thelarge variety of vegetable dishes her hotel offered for the breakfast buffet so I can relate to all the veg dishes - this looks great


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