Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rambutan & Tender Coconut Juice with Basil Seeds

Rambutan is a tropical fruit, named after the Malay word for 'hair', this fruit is from Southeast Asia though they grows all over the world now.Rambutan have an outer skin with soft yellowish and neon green prickly pokers all around the outer skin. Their flesh is white with a big seed in the middle and they have a sweet creamy rich flowery taste which is quite refreshing.Rambutan is highly rich in iron and helps a lot to less the body fat cotent as this fruit is high in fiber content.This fruit helps a lot for strengthening our bones as well. While tender coconut is a natural source of minerals and vitamins, their juice is excellent to keep the body cool. Rich in protein, their water are served fresh, chilled or packed. Often sold by street vendors, i simply love this tender coconut water especially while the weather is super hot outside, its a common summer special drink in India.

rambutan & tender coconut juice

Since both rambutan and tender coconut have body cooling effect, i couldnt resist to blend them both together to make a Summer cooler. Very easy to make, this juice makes a super refreshing drink while the weather is too hot outside. I didnt forget to add some soaked sabja seeds aka basil seeds to make this healthy and refreshing juice more interesting. Obviously these three together makes an excellent summer cooler to enjoy without any fuss. And this extremely refreshing juice is going to this week's blogging marathon as am running this week's blogging marathon with Kid's delight-Summer coolers as this week's theme.Sending to Kid's delight- Summer Coolers guest hosted by PJ, an event by Srivalli.

Tender Coconut & Rambutan juice with Basil seeds

4cups Tender coconut water with coconut flesh
1/4kg Rambutan (peeled, deseeded)
2tbsp Basil seeds (soaked in water)
Icecubes (as per need)

Take the rambutan pieces with tender coconut water in a blender, blend everything well.

Add the coconut flesh to the serving glass, pour the juice and add the soaked basil seeds.

Now add the ice cubes as per need, serve immediately.

Rambutan Tender coconut & Basil Seeds Juice

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  1. I am sure the drink must have tasted fantastic , coconut water n basil both taste awesome but addition of this lychee like tasing fruit must have given it a real highlght .

  2. The drink looks quite cool n refreshing

  3. Never tasted rambutan...the drink looks so nicely done!

  4. What a refreshing drink!Loved the combo

  5. Is that lychee? This drink musthave tasted great with coconut water and rambutan.

  6. refreshing..we have rambutan in the front garden...
    will try it next time i'll be on hols

  7. I have tasted rambutan only once as we don't get this fruit here easily. But I loved it and I am sure that this drink must have tasted so delicious..

  8. Now I know what to do with this fruit! Looks perfect to beat the heat.

  9. Love that combination of rambutan and coconut water. Sounds yummy!!

  10. Never used Rambutan but the drink looks so refreshing.

  11. I have seen this fruit but never tried it. I am thinking this beverage is a good start :)

  12. I love rambutans this is my kind of drink


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