Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Grenki - Russian Breakfast Toast

Hope you all enjoyed the flaky and very aromatic Somalian flatbread yesterday, today i want to take you all to Russia. Actually i cook rarely Russian dishes,however this time for this long marathon i want to dish out an interesting Russian breakfast. Most of their dishes are meat based breakfast dishes and some goes for eggs, after a day spend in front of my lappy finally i decided to go for a eggy breakfast and finished finding out this interesting and very easy breezy Russian breakfast toast.When i saw this Grenki recipe,i couldnt stop myself away and i tried them the next day for our breakfast. Trust me this grenki are quite easy to make with simple ingredients. Some says to use Challah bread for making this grenki while other says any stale bread slices makes excellent grenki. However i prepared mine with whole wheat bread slices.

Grenki, Russian French Toast

The best part of this Grenki is they can be prepared either as savoury or as sweet. Nothing is added to make the toast, just milk pepper/salt or sugar and beaten egg is enough to make this easy Russian toast. Once the bread slices gets well toasted, you can serve them with fried eggs, sausages etc or else with  jam or honey. These toasts makes an excellent filling breakfast and a prefect dish to kick start a hectic day.Also this toasts are great way to finish out the sadly sitting stale breads. You can even add spice powders to make this simple Grenki as something different from the routine toast. Watelse, just go and dish out this Grenkis for your breakfast rite now.Am sure kids will just love this warm grenki with jam or nutella.

These Grenki aka Russian breakfast toast is going to be a part of this month's blogging marathon as am running with International breakfast as theme for this third week. Stay tuned to watch out the remaining four more International breakfast dishes i'll be posting one after another. Enjoy this month's theme 'Buffet on Table' virtually.

Russian French ToastGrenki

Recipe source; Born again Cook
4 Bread slices (stale preferred)
2 Eggs (beaten)
1/4 cup Milk
Pepper,salt or Sugar

Mix together eggs, milk, pepper powder and salt or else sugar.

Pour mixture over bread slices.

Turn the slices over to cover them evenly with egg mixture.  Let it stands for just few seconds.

Heat oil in a frying pan and fry two bread slices at a time, flip and cook on both sides.

Servethis savory version or sweet version grenki with favourite dips or spreads.

Russian french toast - Grenki

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  1. Noce find. This toast is similar to how I make my egg toast. I use chili powder. It is filling breakfast.

  2. I like the way you have made this toast..perfect breakfast !

  3. The toast looks good, egg lovers will surely love it!

  4. Very interesting toast recipe.Lovely.

  5. Toast looks crunchy and crispy. good one

  6. Good choice for breakfast, i prefer these kind of simple and tasty toast for morning.

  7. Simple and so elegant toast... Great option for egg lovers

  8. I am sure egg lovers will be able to appreciate it.

  9. Lighter version of French toast. Looks delicious.

  10. Must be a great option for egg lovers. Love that spoon.

  11. A delicious toast for sure - would make a great breakfast


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