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Kolkatta Egg Kathi Roll

Never been to Kolkatta, but i dont want to miss their famous street food aka Egg Kathi rolls, since these super filling kathi rolls are very easy to make at home. Egg Kathi Rolls is one of the most popular street food in Kolkatta, actually i came to know about this Kathi rolls once i entered this immense virtual world.Actually i learned so many dishes from various cuisine through other foodies who blogs all around the world,blog world does tremendous work to help anyone anytime. I learned eggless baking, i make awesome breads at home,all credits goes to blog world.Coming to today's post, i have heard that this mouth watering tasty food are sold on every street side in Kolkatta and this roll can be prepared easily with paratha, an Indian flatbread, egg and few chopped vegetables spiced with lemon and chaat masala.

Egg Kathi Roll, Egg Wrap

Kathi rolls can be prepared with various filling, some makes egg-chicken roll as same as like this simple Egg kathi rolls. You can even skip raw vegetables for the filling as well, all depends upon of your tastebuds.Actually for my first week of the blogging marathon theme goes for Wraps and rolls, obviously three posts for this week's blogging marathon are going to be wraps and rolls. Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#48.

2nos Paratha (as per need)
2nos Egg
1cup Thinly sliced vegetables (onion,tomato,cabbage and green capsicum)
Chaat masala (as per need)
Lemon juice (as per need)

Beat an egg, heat few drops of oil in a small pan, add the beaten egg and cook in simmer.

Drop a paratha over the cooking beaten egg, flip the paratha and cook on both sides.

Continue the same process with the remaining paratha.

Meanwhile add the chaat masala,lemon juice and salt as per need to the mixed vegetable., mix well.

Drop enough sliced vegetables inside the egg paratha, roll it tightly.


Kolkatta Street Food, Egg Roll

2 Paratha/Chapathi
2 Oeufs
1 bol de légumes finement émincés ( oignon,tomate,chou et poivron vert)
Chaat masala ( selon le besoin )
Le jus de citron ( selon le besoin )

Battre un œuf , chauffer un peu d'huile dans une poele , ajouter l'œuf battu et le cuire.

Déposez un paratha sur l'œuf , retournez le paratha et faire cuire des deux côtés .

Continuer le même processus avec le paratha restant.

Pendant ce temps ajouter le chaat masala, le jus de citron et le sel aux légumes mélangés.

Déposer un peu des légumes à l'intérieur du paratha d'oeuf, serrez le bien.

Degustez .


  1. Looks so nice and healthy to. Happy New Year. xo Catherine

  2. They had a great show on the street food of kolkatta. .your kathi rolls look straight from there.

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  11. Mouthwatering and delicious egg kathi roll.

  12. lovely egg kathi rolls. Had them in Bangalore and are really filling and healthy.
    Also would like to say so sorry for what happened yesterday in Paris. Be safe and take care. The world is going through a very trying period with all these heinous attacks.

  13. One of my favorites ....mouthwatering egg rolls Priya.

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