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Vegan No Knead Rosemary & Flaxseed Whole Wheat Bread/No Knead 100% Whole Wheat Loaf

This No Knead light wheat bread is our recent favourite and i couldnt stop myself making them at home often. Today's bread is also one among those trials i have been doing since this humble no knead bread came out extremely prefect and much more better than the storebought ones. When i posted this no knead bread, many of my followers were asking why i have added bread flour/all purpose flour along with wheat flour to make this bread, this question pulled me to give a try to this whole wheat bread, which goes for 100% whole wheat flour. The whole wheat flour i used in this bread is the famous Indian brand Aashirvaad atta, if you dont have just try with usual whole wheat flour, however i find that aashirvaad atta works wonder in this bread. Coming to today's bread,this bread is 100% whole wheat bread,simply prepared with our usual roti flour. Am sure if you make this bread at home, this bread will definitely became the most favourite bread among those breads you would have baked already at home.

No knead vegan rosemary and flaxseed bread, no knead wholewheat bread, Vegan no knead loaf bread

This no knead bread is very easy to make, just mix all the ingredients a day before and keep it a warm place atleast for 12hours.You dont  have anything to do,there is no kneading for hours, the yeast will take care of it. This no knead bread is a routine now in my home, yes am baking atleast thrice a week. Now we are having freshly baked wheat bread for our breakfast to kick start our day.Nothing can be easier as like this bread, very easy bread to bake anytime of the day at home with simple ingredients especially without any preserves. To make this no knead 100%whole wheat bread  more healthier and aromatic, i have added some flaxseeds and chopped rosemary sprigs, this bread slices suits very much prefectly for making sandwiches. Not to forget that this bread stays simply prefect more than two days in room temperature if they are conserved properly. If you dont have flax seeds, or rosemary sprigs, just play with any seeds or herbs available at your place, even chopped curry leaves works tremendous in this bread,just go on and make your loaf happily at home.

No knead vegan rosemary and flaxseed bread, Herb & Flaxseed loaded no knead whole wheat bread loaf, No knead whole wheat bread loaf

3cups Wheat flour/Atta flour/Wholewheat flour
2tbsps Sugar
1tsp Salt
1tsp Instant yeast
1+1/2cups Water
3tbsp Oil
1/4cup Flax seeds
2tbsp Chopped rosemary sprigs
1/4tsp Crushed red chilly flakes
Flour for topping
Few flaxseeds for topping

Take the flour in a large bowl, add in the sugar,salt,yeast,flaxseeds, rosemary sprigs, chilly flakes, pour in the water and oil.

Whisk everything well until all the ingredients gets mixed together, dont knead.

Grease your palm and spread over the top, cover it with plastic wrap and keep in a warm place overnite for 12-14hours.

Next day, bring together the doubled dough by pushing the dough all the way to fold over the top.

Meanwhile grease a loaf pan generously, fold the dough in half,lift it and drop it into the loaf pan.

Smooth the top with oiled hands, using a sharp knife, cut the top of the dough three times to score.

no knead 100%whole wheat bread, herbed whole wheat bread

Sprinkle the flaxseeds, flour,cover it again with a plastic wrap, let it sit in a warm place for an hour or until the dough rise.

Preheat the oven for 375F for 15minutes.

Arrange the loaf pan in the center of the oven, bake for 40-45minutes, if the top browns too much, cover it with a foil.

No knead vegan rosemary and flaxseed bread, Herb & Flaxseed loaded no knead whole wheat bread loaf, No knead whole wheat bread loaf

Cool the bread completely in a wire rack before slicing..

Enjoy with your favourite spread or make sandwiches out of this herbs and seeds loaded bread slices.


  1. hmm.. soft, healthy healthy bread.. yumm..

  2. looks so perfect! Love the texture and flavour

  3. love the herb flavors,soft loaf :)

  4. Wow!!!I'm in love with this bread..look so amazing..flavorful,healthy and delish...stunning pic dear..

  5. Lovely flavorful bread...... Perfect healthy one!!

  6. Guilt free bread...I made it similarly with rosemary :)

  7. Wow looks yum Priya;-) would love to have them for breakfast

  8. oh so many bread recipes.I don't know what to try now

  9. I love bread that needs very little attention love the flavours you have added.

  10. Love the idea of flax seeds.. so healthy!

  11. It has been a long time I heard about these no-knead doughs and this bread is looking super delicious!

  12. wow porous and soft looking bread...nice click sis

  13. Love this bread....the flavor should be amazing, looks really good :)

  14. Love the no kneads, they really work very well especially on days you don't feel like messing your hands :-)

  15. Hi, bread looks very inviting! Thanks for sharing the recipe. May I replace instant with active dry yeast and what should be the quantity pls? Thanks!

  16. @Ruchi Choudhary if you are using active dry yeast you have to use warm water to proof the yeast .1 tsp of instant yeast = 1.5 tsp of actve dry yeast, hope this helps.

  17. Hi Priya, this receipe is really yummy and healthy, I want to try it once, could you please tell me the flr measurement in gms ? I do not use cup but have a measuring mug ... is 1 cup euqals to 150 gms? so will the yeast proportion will, 1 tspn for be 3 *150 gms ?

  18. Hi priya, yummy receipe ... would surely want to try. Could you tell me flr to yeast proportion in grams?

    I do not have measuring cups but measuring mug with grams marking. Never used yeast before thats why I am not sure how much to use?

  19. Shraddha Gundewar, the cup am using is 125grms, so for four cups its 500grms flour.

    If you are using instant yeast,1tsp yeast is equal to 3.15grms of instant yeast, in case if you are using active dry yeast its 4.25grms of active dry yeast.

    Hope this helps..


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