Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bellpepper & Red Radish Fried Rice wih Mango Pickle Thokku/Pickled Vegetable Fried Rice

Fried rice with mango pickle thokku, does this recipe title intrigue you? yes this fried rice is completely a fusion dish. Actually am a person who love to give a try to different dishes with the simple ingredients available in my pantry. This rice was prepared simply with the mango pickle thokku left aside in my pickle jar after having the  mango chunks from my aunt's Andhra sytle mango pickle.Usually i'll mix this thokku with warm white rice if i dont feel like making gravies especially if am alone at home. Warm rice mixed with mango pickle thokku served with fried papads makes an excellent filling meal, one can have it without any fuss if you love spicy foods as much as like me, a comforting food for spice food lovers.

Since my daughter and my better half go to their work with their lunch boxes, i have to plan their lunch mostly with variety of one pot meals. One of my recent trial is this bellepper and red radish fried rice with leftover mango pickle thokku.Cooked rice when sauteed with chopped bellpeppers,chopped red radish spiced with mango pickle thokku makes this mildy spiced,easy breezy and very delicious pickled fried rice. Trust me, this pickled fried rice will tickle your tastebuds,definitely a quick fix. You can make this fried rice with varieties of vegetables or simply with paneer cubes.

3cups Cooked basmati rice
1/2cup Red & green bellpepper (chopped)
1/4cup Red radish (chopped)
2tbsp Mango pickle thokku
1tsp Oil
Salt (if needed)

Heat the oil and saute the vegetables together, dont overcook the vegetables.

Add the pickle thokku, cook for few minutes.

Now add the cooked basmatic rice, toss everything gently.

Check for salt, if needed add the salt else skip it.

Serve with potao chips or papads.


Princy Vinoth said... Reply To This Comment

That looks good just pass me that box I will send it for lunch :))

Magees kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

Yummy Spicy Meal.

Vijayalakshmi Dharmaraj said... Reply To This Comment

Wow... Tempting rice with mango flavor... Yummy yummy...

AparnaRajeshkumar said... Reply To This Comment

it is tempting, i do have the habit of taking white rice with thokku but your fusion just wow

Razina Javed said... Reply To This Comment

Lovely, an easy recipe to make....

Ramya Venkateswaran said... Reply To This Comment

this is a must try recipe

Shama Nagarajan said... Reply To This Comment

semma drooling combo !!! inviting me

Julie said... Reply To This Comment

I can imagine the flavors,looks fab :)

Eliza Lincy said... Reply To This Comment

So innovative and also mouth watering recipe. Really when i saw the photos i planned to try his one pot meal.

Hema said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, the rice looks awesome and with very simple ingredients, superb Priya..

fimère .b said... Reply To This Comment

une assiette hyper colorée et délicieuse
bonne soirée

Manjula Bharath said... Reply To This Comment

wow aks such an drool worthy variety rice :) seriously the combo itself makes it too very tempting , plz cover the box and parcel me as it is :)

Sreevalli E said... Reply To This Comment

Wow.. Tempting rice.. I'm a fan of mango pickle & this recipe is making me very hungry..

Sanoli Ghosh said... Reply To This Comment

Wow...its really very flavourful rice akka....delicious!

Sona S said... Reply To This Comment

Innovative recipe, looks delicious.

Nagashree said... Reply To This Comment

Good use of thokku and a great addition to lunch box recipes.