Saturday, June 28, 2014

Eggless No Bake Frozen Mango Custard Cheesecake

June is a month of celebration for us, that too towards the last week its almost everyday a birthday. My younger brother,my daughter, my cousin and my SIL celebrates their birthday. Obviously i wont keep myself away from baking. First comes my brother's birthday, usually i'll bake vanilla cake for him, but this time for a change i went for an eggless No bake cheesecake with mango, this King of fruits started showing their head in Indian stores and this time i pickled some Pakistani Mangoes( dont ask me about the name coz i dont have any idea about the name, but the fruit was really very fleshy and prefect for making this cheesecake). Since i was bit busy with other stuffs i couldnt bake him a cake earlier, obviously i went for this quick cheesecake and kept in freezer instead of fridge.

If you dont have oven, dont worry you can still make this cheesecake as this cheesecake doesnt need oven to bake, yes this cheesecake is no bake and its completely egg free. Mango puree,custard powder, mascarpone cheese, whipped cream makes this elegant mango custard cheesecake. Actually my mom wasnt a great fan of cheesecake, thats y i went for mango custard but trust me i was totally impressed the way this custard cheesecake came out. With super fruity texture, this cheesecake suits prefectly even for a dessert during summer. Very refreshing frozen cheesecake and am sure one cant stop just with a slice. Give a try to this cheesecake even with berries or simply with chocolate, however i felt that mango custard works wonder in this cheesecake.I used 8 inch spring form pan for making this cheesecake.

For base:
2cups Any digestive biscuits
1/2cup Butter
2tbsp Chocolate powder

For Filling:
1cup Sugar
3tbsp Custard powder
1cup Milk
1cup Mascarpone cheese
2cups Full fat whipping cream (chilled)
15grms Chinagrass/Agar Agar powder
2cups Mango puree (fresh or the tinned ones)
1tsp Vanilla extract

Melt the butter and add it to the powdered biscuits, now transfer it to a 7 inch springform pan . Keep in fridge for half an hour.

Meanwhile, heat the milk, sugar in a heavy bottomed vessel.

Once the sugar gets dissolved, add the custard powder,mango puree,agar agar powder, whisk in simmer until the mixture turns thick, keep this mango custard aside.

Let it cool completely. (dont forget to stir continously to avoid the skin form on the top of the custard.

Once the mango custard turns cool, beat in the mascarpone cheese,vanilla extract and keep aside.

Now beat the whipping cream until they turns fluffy, add in the already prepared mango custard and beat in low speed for a while.

Take the already prepared base, pour this mixture over it, keep in freezer for an hour.

Let it sit overnite.

Bring it to room temperature for half an hour before serving.

Cut the cheesecake and enjoy topped with chopped mango or simply with chocolate shaves.

You can also use tinned mango puree, Kesar mango puree works wonder here.

You can go for gelatin here and try to use less quantity than the agar agar powder.

Bring it to room temperature before half an hour while serving.


  1. Looks delicious. I have mangoes in the fridge. Thinking of trying this out. Thanks.

  2. Wow....looks so so delicious and tempting Priya! No bake cheesecakes are in my to do list n bookmarking this one...gonna try it soon and let you know!
    Very neat cake, well done...Kalakiteenga :)

  3. This is so amazing.. Drooling g here...

  4. yummy frozen cheesecake dear.want a piece right now

  5. Paerae amarkalama irukku Priya... Tempting Pics too..

  6. Priya dear, I think this is the most unusual, light and super creative 'no bake' and eggless cheese cake, without 'cream cheese' using mascarpone cheese, and custard powder. Light, airy and yummy!

    Thanks for the addition of the mango (will be using my newly riped mango for sure)

  7. Looks really good. I guess the cuatard powder too helps in setting the cheesecake along with the agar agar.

  8. This looks so tempting. Love the combination of Mango custard and cheese!!

  9. ohh I want a bite of that...looks so yum

  10. combination looks wonderful lovely dessert

  11. Super Yummy and inviting, wish could grab a bite

  12. very neat work and love the pearls decoration!!!

  13. wow!!! Drooling over here !!!

  14. such an awesome cheesecake, quite apt for your celebration!!!

  15. What a tempting treat! Easy and no bake too..

  16. perfect cheesecake,looks inviting..kalakal thane ponga!!

  17. Ton cheesecake est très réussi. Avec la mangue, ça doit être un bonheur en bouche.
    Je note ta version.
    A bientôt

  18. looks so yum n beautiful aks! :) u r marvellous! fabulous cheesecake! m drooling

  19. such a fabulous cheesecake aks! m drooling here.. What a capture too.. :)

  20. Just perfect!! Looks so much delicious wanna have a slice now :)

  21. Wow, look at how well your cake has set, beautiful Priya! A Happy birthday to all celebrating their special days this month.

  22. andha full plate umm naane saapiduven.. soopreb kaa

  23. Absolutely delicious cake..mouth watering here.

  24. That's what I call a stupendous cheesecake!!Super loved it..

  25. Wow.. delicious cake, looks so tempting and yummy..


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