Sunday, February 9, 2014

Spinach Dal Paratha

Spinach is one of our family favourite greens and i have always a packet of frozen spinach in my freezer, so that i can make any dish out of it. While cleaning my freezer recently i crossed some frozen spinach leaves sitting sadly in my freezer, since they were less in quantity i tried my hands in making this interesting,healthy and nutritious paratha. Yes this paratha is highly nutritious coz i used moongdal in them. I finished a quarter cup of mushy moongdal which is prepared for making sambhar finally went on into this paratha along with those frozen spinach leaves.

Actually i didnt used spinach as puree, thats y my parathas are not looking green, while kneading i just added both the frozen spinach leaves and mushy moongdal together in the wheat flour to get a smooth dough. Personally i loved the softness of these parathas and we loved having this with an incredible salna i prepared with butterbeans.Check here for the butter beans salna, both tastes fabulous together and we had a superfilling dinner.Its 2nd sunday of the month and since i belong to a group of friends who blogs on sunday for the event Let's Brunch On Sundays am posting this fantastic soft parathas.

2cups Wheat flour
1/2cup Frozen spinach leaves (thawed)
1/4cup Cooked moongdal
1tsp Ajwain seeds
Warm water
Oil for cooking

Take the flour,cooked dal and thawed spinach leaves in a bowl, add the ajwain seeds and salt to it.

With enough water,knead everything as a soft and stiff dough, keep aside for half an hour.

Make 8-10 medium sized balls from the dough, dust rolled balls with enough flour and roll as parathas.

Heat a tawa, drop gently the flattened discs,drizzle the oil and cook on both sides until the paratha gets well cooked..

Serve hot with spicy side dish or kurma.


  1. Hi Priya. Good idea to add spinach to paratha. Me too, always have a packet of frozen spinach in my freezer all time.

  2. such an delicious and yummy looking paratha :) a very healthy one aks :) perfect soft paratha's to indulge :)

  3. This is a cool way of combining spinach and Moong dal. Looks yummmy.

  4. that's a super awesome paratha akka...

  5. Interesting one priya.. Ddn peep in here fr quite a long tym cos f my vacation nd the stuffs... Mmoongdal n chappathi sounds gr8

  6. Def adding spinach and dal makes this paratha super nutritious...I am very hungry now ...

  7. Love parantha of any sort and this one sounds delicious and very healthy.

  8. yummy, nutritious parathas. Looking soft.

  9. I do it also.. super tasty and healthy chapathi

  10. I have made spinach parathas in which we knead the dough using spinach puree. I haven't seen this one before. Goes to my to do list :)

  11. Healthy and delicious, very filling parathas..

  12. I love adding veggies & dal to chapatis, makes them really soft. Yours looks very good!

  13. That's a healthy and delicious filling, looks yummy too..

  14. Hi Priya,
    Healthy and yummy looking paratha.
    Nice meeting you through blogging. You have a good collection of recipes.

  15. thats a wholesome brunch! :) lovely parathas

  16. I have always used some left over dal for the parathas but never thought of adding spinach in them. healthy idea. Thanks, Preethi.


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