Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Masala Plantain Stem Lassi/Vazhaithandu Masala Lassi

After making an interesting side dish with plantain stem and dal as thogayal, here comes an another interesting drink with healthy plantain stem. In India especially South Indians makes juice with this healthy plantain stem and they drink earlier in the morning to get ride of kidney stones. If you walk earlier in the morning,you can see peoples drinking plantain stem juice, wheat grass juice, aleo vera juice etc. The juice list goes for a long, but instead of making a simple juice with plantain stem i tried my hands in making this interesting, spicy and delicious masala lassi.

Actually, my kids doesnt liked the juice with plantain stem which i tried long back. Since i want to feed them with this healthy stem i transformed that usual juice into interesting lassi. Trust me, the mild flavour of ginger,cumin and chaat masala powder will definitely make the difference, they have masked completely the addition of plantain stem. But the colour of the lassi will be bit different from the usual one. Try making this lassi, am sure you will prepare this lassi quite often.

1cup Sour yoghurt
1/2cup Water
1/2cup Chopped plantain stem
1/2tsp Roasted cumin powder
2pinches Chaat masala
1pinch Pepper powder
1tsp Ginger (chopped)
Icecubes (if needed)

Blend the plantain stem and water until its turns as a smooth paste.

Now add the yoghurt,cumin powder, ginger and salt, blen for a while.

If you want you can strain the lassi, but i didnt strained it.

While serving add the chaat masala,pepper powder, give a quick stir.

Serve immediately with icecubes.


  1. glad to see ur post after a hiatus.
    I have tried vazhaithandu moor but not lassi...slurpy

  2. m in love with it.. so after seeing tis post got plantiain stem m making it tomm

  3. Very intresting recipe,healthy lassi too...

  4. beautifully made.looks amazing.

  5. Lovely and delicious looking lassi. Excellent preparation.

  6. My mom used to drink plantain stem juice a lot to reduce weight , this lassi sound more yummier and delicious aks !!

  7. Yummy and refreshing lassi.. Healthy too..

  8. cool recipe and I have never tried plantain stem before

  9. Such a refreshing lassi enjoying with the goods bought from india ?....My sister makes this with sour curd and plaintain stem n cuming powder ..adding of pepper powder is new to me ...

  10. never heard of this, i love banana stem but don't get them easily where I live. Hope you had a great vacation, welccome back Priya!


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