Saturday, July 6, 2013

Amaranth Leaves & Moongdal Stir-fry

We dont get varieties of greens as like India here, but eventhough we manage to add greens atleast twice or once a week in our menu. My recent trip to Indian grocery was simply awesome, i picked super fresh amaranth leaves from there which is quite rare here,eventhough we get this green quite often. But the vendor brought these super fresh greens from a newly arrived cargo parcel, immediately i picked a huge bunch of this green happily.

Back home, i prepared those super fresh greens as a quick stir fry with yellow moongdal along with usual spices to enjoy the freshness of amaranth leaves. This stir fry makes me nostalgic, i still remember my grandma used to cook super fresh greens which she plucked few minutes before from her backyard as simple stir fry with lentils like toor dal,channadal and moongdal. She never stopped feeding us with her super fresh greens eventhough i dont like them that much when i was young. Seriously i miss our Indian greens here and am craving for some gongura now which is quite a hard task for us to get here.Sending to Srivalli's Side dish Mela.

1small bunch Amaranth leaves (cleaned & chopped)
4tbsp Yellow moongdal
1no Onion(big & chopped)
2nos Green chillies(slit opened)
1tsp Mustard seeds+urad dal
1nos Dry red chillies
3tbsp Grated coconut

Soak the yellow moongdal for half an hour.

Heat enough oil,let splutters the mustard seeds, urad dal and fry the dry red chilly.

Add now the chopped onions,slit opened green chillies,curry leaves,cook until the onions turns transculent.

Add the soaked moongdal,cook for few minutes in simmer along with salt.

Finally add the chopped amaranth leaves, sauté for few minutes in medium.Dont overcook the greens.

Now add the grated coconut to the cooked greens and put off the stove.

Serve warm as side dish.


  1. one of my fav poriyal sis.. love this with sambar rice..

  2. Delicious and mouth watering dish.

  3. eppadi akka , u post many recipes....hats off !!! yummy

  4. Enakkum konjam parcel pannungo ka...

  5. I'm really curious 2 use this green which is new 2 me...perfect side dish...

  6. healthy and very delicious stir fry.

  7. my fav too.. addition of dhal always gives a nice taste and flavor to the greens..:)

  8. I wish we could include a healthy dose of greens in our diet! We rarely have any :( Love the combination in the stir fry Priya.

  9. Je passe manger chez toi. Ce plat me semble des plus délicieux.
    A bientôt

  10. Such a healthy dish...I also try to eat these leaves when I come to India cuz I don't get much varieties in ny.lovely combination will try it for sure.

  11. this looks great one of my hubbys favorites

  12. hello, priya :), love the colour of this dish. Never seen amaranth leaves before though. Have a nice day

  13. Happy to know that you were able to find some greens.Fortunately here in singapore greens are so common that we get so many varieties. Your quick stir fry looks very colorful & nice. My mom used to just throw in coupld of eggs to this & scramble along with the leaves.

  14. such a healthy n tasty poriyal !

  15. simple and healthy poriyal. ithad been a very long time since i made this poriyal.

  16. love such simple stir fry with greens..

  17. my fav poriyal, lovely write up sis :-)

  18. I can never cook moong like the way you ve cooked so half the time i make this it looks like masiyal and not stir fry! i admire you just for that

  19. I know, even I used to hate them when I was young and my mom & grandma used to feed me but miss them now.. They look colorful & inviting :)

  20. Same thing here missing our Indian greens.
    Thanks for linking to my Event.

  21. Hi Priya
    Congrats you are the winner for this months WTML event.
    Do check the link


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