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Hearts For St.Valentine's Day Roundup

I know am bit late to post this roundup...Sorry friends, am just got hooked with some works and guests, here is the round up of Hearts For St Valentine's Day...I have to say definitely a big thanks to my bloggers friends for sending their fantastic hearts as dishes, bakes, sweets, heart shaped vessels and crafts, i really enjoyed preparing this fantastic roundup...I was really amazed to see the creativity and tremendous beautiful works of my fellow bloggers for creating many tempting dishes as heart shape...This event is definitely a big hit since i got so many entries for this beautiful event.....Here we go for a fantastic virtual treats...

Heart Shaped Dishes:

1)Vermicelli Potato Cutlet from Shama of Easy2Cook Recipes..
2)Tomato Rice & Poori from Sowmya Arul of Dew..
3)Mini Bread Pizza from Umm Razeen of Kitchen Samraj..

4)Aloo Tikki from Deepthi Sidana of A Hint Of Spice..
5)Dosa With Yogurt & Coconut Chutney from Nayna of
6)Savoury French Toast from Vaishali Sharma of Adding Zest To Your Cooking..
7)Coconut Rice from Avanthi Rao of Avanthirao's Kitchen..

8)Capsicum Curry from Avanthi Rao of Avanthirao's Kitchen..
9)Orange Rava Dosa from Uma of Trendy Relish..
10)Daal Makhni from Jagruti of Joy of Cooking..
11)Savoury Hearts Roses from Deepti Pawar of Some Salt To Taste..

12)Stuffed Pasta Shell Salad from Kamalika C of Silence Sings..
13)Sandwich from Minna Sodhi of Mohani's Kitchen Blog...
14)Pulusu Adai from Pavithra of Dishes From My Kitchen..
15)Jackfruit-Raw Banana Cutlet from Pari of Foodelicious..

Heart Shaped Non-vegetarian Dishes:

1)Curried Shrimps With Mushrooms from Nandini of Usha Nandini's Recipes..
2)Spinach Omelette from Vrinda Mahesh of Sankeerthanam..

Heart Shaped Cakes & Biscuits:

1)Shortbread Cookies from Nandini of Usha Nandini's Recipes..
2)Butter Cookies from Sowmya Arul of Dew..
3)Sweets for My Sweet Heart from Deepthi Sidana of A Hint Of Spice..
4)Nutella Cookies With Nuts & Chocolate Chips from Meena of Dakshin..

5)Vanilla Cake,Choco Cake 1, Choco Cake 2 & Butter Cookies from Tina of Kaipunyam..

6)Black & White Hearts from Madhuri Kumar of Cook Curry Nook..
7)Cheesecake from Vaishali Sharma of Adding Zest To Your Cooking..
8)Iced Sugar Cookies from Nithya of Fourth Sense Samayal..
9)Valentines Hearts from Rashmi of Abhi-Ruchi..

10)Frosted Heart Cookies & Chocolate Heart Cake from Pina Colada of As You Liked It..
11)Spicy Cookies from Shahana Baker of Me N My Apron..
12)Pizza from Smita Srivastava Of Little Food Junction..

13)Pastry Hearts, Brownie Hearts, Valentine Black Forest Cake from Vrinda Mahesh of Sankeerthanam..
14)Red Velvet Cake from Umm Razeen of Kitchen Samraj..

15)Sugar Cookies from Sunitha & Namitha of Collaborative Curry..
16)Almond, Oats & Chocolate Chip Cookies from Priya Srinivasan of En Veetu Kitchen..
17)Black Forest Cake from Sayantani of A Homemaker's Diary..
18)Chocolate Heart Cakes With Strawberry Topping from Heena of A Musician's Kitchen..

19)Bhapa Sandesh from Kamalika C of Silence Sings..
20)Lemon Cake from Menaga of Sashiga..
21)Short Bread Cookies from Sharmilee of In my passionate world.....:)..
22) Eggless Banana Muffins from Nayna of

23)Mango Hearts from Pari of Foodelicious..
24)Tres Leches Cake from Kairali Sisters of Pazham,Pappadam & Payasam..
25)Valentine Cake from Deepa G Joshi of Foodlyrics..
26)Vegan Marble Cake from Priya Narasimhan of Priya's Vegetarian Recipes..

27)Sweet Heart Ravioli & Sweet Flaky Palmiers from Cool Lassi(e) of Pan Gravy Kadai Curry..
28)Peanut Butter & Cumin Cookies & Cheese & Parsley Palmiers from Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes..

29)Eggless Multigrain Banana Cake, Vegan Minty & Oats Crackers & Baked Red Kidney Beans & Brown Rice Patties from Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes..

Heart Shaped Sweets:

1)Gulab Jamun from Rahin of Lazzat..
2)Honey Semi Freddo With Strawberry Coulis from Sudha of Malaysian Delicacies..
3)Coconut and Mixed Nuts Barfi from Nayna of Simply .food..
4)Ricotta Cheese Peda from Jagruti of Joy Of Cooking..

5)Waffles from Padhu of Welcome To Padhu's Kitchen..
6)Beetroot Halwa from Nivedita of Nivedita's Kitchen..
7)Carrot Halwa from Swapna of Swapna Sridhar..
8)Multifruits Kesari from Sumi of Sumi's Kitchen..

9)Pancakes from Malar or Malar's Cuisine..
10)Bread Rasmalai from Umm Razeen of Kitchen Samraj..
11)Carrot Halwa from Aparna of Ladies Special Adukkala..
12)Gulab Jamun from Shama of Easy2Cook Recipes..

13)Beetroot Burfi from Siddhi Shirsat of Cooked Dil Se..!!!..
14)Sooji Halwa from Nithu Bala Of Nithu's Kitchen..
15)Chocolate Bread Pudding from Cool Lassi(e) of Pan Gravy Kadai Gravy..
16)Vegan Chocolate & Rose Syrup Pudding from Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes..

1)Chocolate Truffles & Panna Cotta from Pavithra of Dishes From My Kitchen..
2)Cream Cheese Filled Strawberries from Preethi Rajeev of Dreamy Delights...

Heart Shaped Vessels:

1)Hearty Broccoli With Creamy Parmesan & Pepper Sauce from Asha of Foodies Hope..
2)Rice Pudding from Nayna of
3)Tortilla Mixture/Chevda from Padma of Padma's Recipes..
4)Basundi from Gita of Gita's Kitchen..

Heart Shaped Candy:

1)Heart Shaped Lollipops from Happy Cook of My Kitchen Treasures..

Heart Shaped Crafts:

1)Heart Shaped Card & I L U On Card Board from Avanthirao of My Place..

2)Heart Craft from Rashmi of Abhi-Ruchi..

3)Heart Shape Photo & Heart Shape FLower Vase from Swapna of SwapnaSridhar...


1)Carrot Cake from Nisha of Look Who's Cooking Too..
2)Rava-Coconutmilk Kesari from Aruna Manikandan of Veggie Paradise..

Potato Cutlets from Cooking Foodie of 365 days of Eating...

Thanks a lot Friends for sending all these wonderful entries for this beautiful event...If i would left some of ur entries, please do let me through mail...

Happy Sunday!!!


  1. Wow! so many lovely dishes..great dear..nice round up..

  2. A lovely roundup from a lovely you ;)


  4. Just now got up to check everything.In India it is 7 AM now.Saw your Roundup and I am here typing my comments .Fantastic round up as usual.

  5. Wow, that's a wonderful collection. so many entries. Looks like a heart feast :) Nice roundup Priya!!

  6. Priya,

    Wonderful roundup. nice dishes

  7. Priya,

    Wonderful roundup. nice dishes

  8. What a roundup! Looks like an entire bakery/restaurant is there..Awesome!

    I missed this one :(

  9. So preety and colorful round-up, priya and with so many creative and decorative recipes....this is the most preetiest roundup I've seen after long time

  10. Lovely hearty showcase...looks too gud!!

  11. Lovely roundup dear!!!!

    and ur header looks wonderful :-)

  12. Beautiful round up priya...interesting dishes

  13. Lovely round-up, Priya! Amazing array of dishes!

  14. Wonderful roundup priya!!!! Lovely dishes, lotz to try!!!

  15. have not been active in blog sphere of late..could not resist commenting this is marvellous roundup...lovely, creative recipes..fantastic roundup Priya.

  16. Marvelous roundup Priya! I am amazed by how many heart shaped delicacies are here in just one post!

  17. Beautiful roundup, now i know were to come nect year for valenitnes day.

  18. I have made a note to send you my entry but even though I placed the logo on my post, I forgot to e-mail the recipe! Oh well, better luck next time. Great roundup and lots of ideas to glean from it.

  19. beautiful hearts round up.......

  20. Awwww.... Great job dear!!! Lazy me, I just kept delaying to post my entry and forgot! :(
    No worries, I am so happy to see soooo many heart here... Congrats dear!

  21. Wonderful round up Priya! Amazed to see so manu entries.

  22. hi priya....lovely round up...all dishes r really very innovative n yummy 2...ur event was a total hit dear...hey dear i was not able 2 comment on ur posts for past couple of days as i was little coudnt manage blog hopping, sorry for it

  23. My heart is going al dhakdhak seeing all these pretty mostly edible hearts. great round up Priya.

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  25. Awesome roundup Priya!...loved seeing everything in heart shape :)

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  28. Hey Priya

    Great round many dishes..!!

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    - Smita @ Little Food Junction

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