Friday, September 11, 2009

Kiwi N Coconut Milk Pannacotta

Needless to say that pannacotta is a creamy, delicious and simple Italian custard prepared usually by simmering milk, cream and sugar..After trying out pannacotta with strawberries and apricots, this time i went for coconut milk simmered with low fat cream, dessicated coconut ,with kiwi chunks and agar agar powder..Kiwi fruits are rich in vitamin C when compared to orange,also they are rich in potassium and low in sodium...Kiwi fruits got their name from a bird that is native to New Zealand. This fruit consists of a hairy, brown peel containing green flesh, with white pulp in the center, surrounded by black, edible seeds. There are approximately ten varieties of kiwi fruits,the common varieties that you can find in the market are generally the large, egg-sized, sweet, green kiwi and the less common gold kiwi. The gold kiwi is smaller, sweeter and it can be identified by its bronze skin and its bright yellow fruit inside.Kiwi fruits are available on the market from April through December, but are most abundant from June to October..

Kiwi is rich in phytonutrients which prevent blood clotting and control fatty acid levels in your blood.Kiwi's black seeds can be crushed to produce kiwi fruit oil, which is very rich in Alfa-Linoleic Acid ..Kiwi offers a very good source of fiber which is why it is useful in decreasing the probability of colon cancer.Coming to the recipe, this kiwi and coconut milk pannacotta tastes delicious and incredibly flavourful coz of coconut milk and dessicated coconut flakes i used to make out the mouthwatering pannacotta..Am sending this pannacotta to AFAM-Kiwi guest hosted by PJ of Seduce ur Tastebuds, event by Maheswari..

1cup Coconut milk (fresh or tinned)
2tbsp Dessicated coconut flakes
1tbsp Agar agar powder
1/2cup Low fat cream
2nos Kiwis
1/4cup Sugar
1/4cup Water

Bring boil the water,a tablespoon of sugar and half a teaspoon of agar agar powder, meanwhile chop the kiwi fruits as small chunks..pour the water-agar agar mixture to small bowls or small ramequins,add the kiwi chunks to the bowl and keep aside..Now bring boil together the coconut milks, dessicated coconut flakes, low fat cream and remaining agar agar powder, sugar together..pour this coconut milk mixture over the kiwi-agar agar mixture and keep in fridge for an hour..

Serve chilled!!


  1. Wow! this looks cool. Should try it out soon...

  2. nice combo of coconut and kiwi and pannacotta looks tempting

  3. Wow you made them with kiwi , that is so clever. One of my favourite desserts.
    Looks beautiful and yumm.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Looks refreshingly cool!!!
    WOnderful combo..

  5. Wow! thats so cool.

    I always wanted to try panacotta but Something kept me from trying it. Ur recipes makes me give it a shot. Shall let u know how it came out!

  6. Wow pannacotta with kiwi and coconut milk! the flavor combo Priya...looks very decadent :)

  7. Kudos to the new look it looks lot more pro n good..:)
    ..n the pannacotta s just fantastic..n I havent evr tried this stuff at its easy..loved the combo..:)

  8. That is a tropical flavor , pretty color!

  9. Very interesting recipe, kiwi & coconut milk. Wow what a combo.

  10. I was just reading about Pannacotta and now you have posted such a nice post abt it!!

    Kiwi and coconut milk must have tasted heavenly!!

  11. Hi Priya,

    Never had much luck with kiwi fruit so far...As whenever I bought I found them to be too sour for me to palate. Love your new template...and the header...Jyst in time for the fall season!!!


  12. Hi Priya, recipe looks great, I love Panacotta but have never tried to make one with coconut milk. By the way, your new blog template looks beautiful.

  13. hey Priya,
    Woooooooooo, the pannacotta looks delicious :) well presented and yes the flavour is to die for!

  14. looks soooo yummy n cool!!..superb presentation, dear!

  15. Wow Nice click....Delicous coconut flavoured desserts....

  16. எப்படி ப்ரியா புதுபுது டெசர்ட்லாம் சூப்பரா செய்றீங்க.

  17. Wow looks very creamy ......nice combo...

  18. How on the earth did I miss this delicious creation of yours'?So divine,Priya!

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