Sunday, August 2, 2009

Am Back & Announcing Sunday Snacks Event - Snacks With Bread

Atlast!!! am back my dears!!! had a great time for few days, which went really very fast and also i missed my favourite blogsphere...Am happy to see u all back and eagerly want to go through all your blog's to enjoy and to comment all your yummy posts...Also am back with Sunday snacks event announcement for this month and i have choosed snacks with bread as theme... Before am leaving to vacation i saw Pallavi was asking her blogger friends to guest host the famous Sunday snacks event and i immediately joined to host this familiar event..This event was started by Hima of SnackORama and then been hosted by Pallavi...Rite now Pallavi is enjoying her pregnancy time and she is getting ready to welcome her twin girls in the next few months..My hearty wishes to Pallavi and wishing her to enjoy all those beautiful moments...

Bread is a staple food prepared by baking a dough of flour and water.It may be leavened or unleavened..salt, fat and a leavening agent such as yeast are common ingredients, though breads may contain a range of other ingredients like milk,egg,sugar,spice,fruit seeds (raisins),vegetables etc. Bread is one of the oldest prepared foods, dating back to the Neolithic era. The development of leavened bread can probably also be traced to prehistoric times.

You can make anything with Bread...
You can bake Sweet bread or make sandwiches,cutlets,patties,puddings,rolls,cakes and bread pizzas also. Come up with any snacks prepared with bread..

Due Date:
Last Sunday of the September (27th September 2009)
Vegetarian and Non vegetarian entries are allowed...

Each recipe being submitted, must have a link to this post..even if it is reposted grouped with others, every individual entry must have a link to this announcement.. Linking with logo is encouraged and preferable, but not compulsory.

Multiple Entries:
Send many entries as u like.. In case of multiple entries, reposting them is not necessary but please do link each and every individual post/entry to this announcement.

Posts from Archives:
Anything from archives is ok. Reposting is not necessary but again you must link each and every individual post/entry to this announcement.

Please submit your recipes via email. Please include, your name, email address, recipe text and if you'd like to send images, you can include them too.

Email your entries to with subject line as Sunday Snacks-Snacks With Bread...

Also include in your mail:
Your name:
Blog name:
Name of the dish:
Post permalink:
Photo of the dish - no size restrictions.

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  1. Welcome back Priya..Happy hosting !!

  2. Welcome back priya...missed your yummy recipe posts.

  3. welcome back dear hope you anjoyed your break. happy hosting.

  4. Welcome back priya and missed your post and your comments :)

    I have posted a bread today will update it with the sunday snacks event

  5. Welcome back priya and missed your post and your comments :)

    I have posted a bread today will update it with the sunday snacks event

  6. Welcome back. Hope you had a nice break. Happy hosting.

  7. Welcome back. Sure will send some dish. Please check comment on your last post and accept the award I sent to you.

  8. Nice to see you back Priya. Happy hosting!!!

  9. Great to see u back Priya and that too with a wonderful event. Will surely try to participate.

  10. great back to have you Priya. Happy hosting

  11. Welcome back Priya! Nice to hear that you had a great time! What a lovely event! Happy hosting! Will send in something :)

  12. Wecome back dear! How r u ? Hey wonderful event!Happy Hosting!

  13. Glad that you r back..we were all missing ur hourly edition of recipes ..:)welcome back...
    Nice event....Happy hosting.

  14. Welcome back!! Wish to send something sure for the event:)

  15. Hi Priya :)
    Am very happy to see u back! hope u had a fab time during blogging break :)
    Best wishes for hosting the event!!
    Enjoy the week!

  16. an award for u. Do check my blog.

  17. Welcome back Priya. Happy hosting.

  18. Welcome Back Priya, missed u a lot!!!
    Hope you enjoyed your vacations :)
    Theme is wonderful, will definately be sending few entries :) happy hosting!

  19. Wow priya..welcome back...and will surely send in something for you!

  20. wow! welcome back, sure to send something nice

  21. Priya,
    hope u got my entry.
    Eagerly waiting for the round up.

  22. Looks great Priya. Thanks for the best wishes.

  23. happy hosting....will prepare sth for the event..

  24. Happy hosting dear, though i'm poor at making bread dishes.. Will try and send you..!

  25. Bread is my fav, Sure to send in for the event!


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