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Eggless Torta Delle Rose Del Grada/Eggless Italian Rose Cake

Life is full of challenges, even bloggy world is not exceptionnal too, we have loads of cooking and baking challenges. Since i love challenges, am a member of many challenges and one among those challenges is Baking Eggless,a monthly event owned by Gayathri.Our this month's challenge is fantastic Italian Rose cake, this yeasted bread was chosed by Gayathri, actually this bread is called Rose cake which is loaded with eggs, trust me this challenge wasnt that much easy and seriously i think the members of this group will definitely break their heads to make this beautiful bread as eggless. This bread also goes for two days of preparation to get ready and the final bread is super addictive. Yes one cant stop just with one piece. Actually, i was like how am going to do this cake as eggless once Gayathri announced about this month's challenge, coz the number of eggs used in this bread is definitely very challenging to replace.

But a proverb came to my mind,yes Where there's a will, there's a way. I tried my hands finally making this beautiful bread last week.I started gathering the ingredients slowly in evening and finished baking the next day.I replaced the quantities of eggs with yogurt,bakingsoda,fresh cream and my bread came out extremely fabulous.Seriously we didnt missed the eggs here and this buttery rolls are just awesome.

Recipe Source: A Kingdom for A Cake
First Dough:
10grms Fresh yeast
1/4cup Flour
2tbsp Yogurt
2tbsp Warm milk

Take the flour, fresh yeast, yogurt, mix well with the finger, add the warm milk, knead everything as a soft but sticky dough.

Cover the bowl and arrange in warm plate to double the volume.

Second Dough:
2tbsp Flour
1/2tsp Baking soda
1tbsp Yogurt

Add the flour,yogurt and baking soda to the first dough, mix well,keep aside covered to double the volume again.

Third dough:
25grms Butter
1tsp Baking soda
2tbsp Flour
2tsp Sugar

Add all this ingredients to the second dough and mix well to form a stick dough.

Final Dough:
2+1/2cups Flour
1cup Fresh cream
50grms Butter
3tbsp Sugar
2tbsp Honey
1tsp Lemon zest
1tsp Vanilla
1tsp Candied orange peel (grounded as coarse powder)

Add the flour, butter, cream,sugar,honey,lemon zest, vanilla,candied orange peel to the dough, mix well the dough.

Dust the kitchen counter and knead the dough for few minutes until they turns as a soft dough.Place the dough in a greased bowl, keep aside for 5hours or overnite.

Before Baking:
100grms Butter
100grms Sugar

Punch down the dough and roll it as rectangle, divide the butter into two equal portions (50grms each).

Cut a portion of butter(50grms) as two (25grms+25grms) and leave the another one intact.

Spread the a portion of butter,fold it twice to get three layers, wrap it and arrange in fridge for half an hour to get a firm dough.

Remove from fridge, roll it again as rectangle spread the remaining 25grms butter and fold the dough twice.

Keep it in fridge for an another half an hour.

Meanwhile beat the butter (50grms) and sugar as smooth light creamy spread.

Roll the dough  again as rectangle as much thin as you can, spread the butter-sugar mixture evenly, roll again tightly to make tight log.

Slice the log as 12 equal portions, grease a 12inch round pan, grease it with butter and line the muffin cases. drop the sliced rolls in each muffin case,arrange it in the round pan, side by side, cover the pan with cling wrap.

Let it sit in warm place for 5-6hours.

Preheat the oven to 350F, bake the rolls for 30-35minutes, remove from oven and let it sit for a while.

Sugar Syrup:
1/4cup Sugar
2tbsp Water

Make a sugar syrup with sugar and water, brush the warm rolls with the syrup.

Remove the baked bread from the pan, let it cool in a wire rack.

Dust it generously with icing sugar and just pull a roll.


Eggless Torta Delle Rose Del Grada is ready to enjoy with your cup of tea or for snacks with hot chocolate.


  1. Cake looks awesome sis .So many doughs ...i am still practicing with one dough .One day i will come there ..

  2. Just mind blowing Priya! Looks too good! Love the pic where you son is holding it!

  3. Super delicious cake dear...... Lovely pics!!

  4. you changed ur blog look and feel and i hv been searching since ages where it is. I got confused by change in name..your new blog looks very nice

  5. Oh god this bread looks so grand and gorgeous. No words to xplain about the photos and the dish. Totally superb.

  6. Simply delicious!! blessings, Catherine

  7. Perfectly made cake Priya. It has turned out super soft. I need to try using cream in my breads...

  8. super delicious and beautiful cake

  9. wow that does look wonderful . Better than a real bouquet of roses :)

  10. What a super cake! You have made it so deliciously well, I cannot stop drooling!

  11. this is damm worth trying ... u guys are always great when it comes challenges

  12. Wow!! Super perfectly done and so yummy... Loved the last click very much.. Feels like digging right in! :)

  13. akka... i am feeling ashamed... I also baked these eggless but I did some cheating, my bread turned out well, but not as good as how urs looks like... so so gorgeous...

  14. Rose cake/bread looks so beautiful .I am sure it tastes as good as it looks.

  15. Looks like a lengthy procedure..but the rose cake looks wonderful..I guess it is worth the efforts

  16. cake looks beautiful and delicious..

  17. It looks awesome akka. will try for sure :)

  18. kudos to the effort,worth trying..looks awesome :)

  19. this bread is to die for! i mean how much patience would have gone into shaping it so beautifully. :)

  20. I cant even imagine of making these!! love your effort. Super-delish..

  21. Hats off to u as well as Gayatri,,, Marvellous job,,, the rose cake looks soft and delicious ,,, Now that I have an idea abt the substitute should plan to try it over a weekend!

  22. Hi I dont have the candied orange peel.can I avoid it

  23. @Unknown Yea sure you can skip it, it just give some orange flavour to the bread.

  24. so yummy and delicious.. perfectly made Priya..

  25. Wow, I am speechless Priya. The cake looks so wonderful!


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