Thursday, January 16, 2014

Créme Au Chocolat/Baked Chocolate Cream

French desserts are incomplete without a chocolate dessert, chocolate based desserts are the most famous desserts from French cuisine. French chocolate mousse or French chocolate cream are quite famous around the world and seriously i do these baked chocolate cream once a while at home coz they goes for eggs. Since am keeping myself away from eggs,i dont bake desserts or cakes with eggs quite often but once a while its really fabulous to have this kind of rich dessert. Coming to this baked chocolate cream, this dish is an easy breezy dessert, which can be prepared quickly eventhough this baked chocolate cream need atleast two hours to get set in fridge.Each and every spoon of this baked chocolate cream is just simply out of the world.

This chocolate cream cant be baked without eggs and eggs are the prominent ingredient for making this rich,delicious and incredible dessert.This baked French chocolate cream is an another challenge i suggested to the members of a monthly baking event called  Home Baker's Challenge where we bake many beautiful bakes with simple ingredients at home. If you are interested, do join the group and learn many bakes together with other members. Every month, a host will suggest her baking challenge and the member of the group prepared one out of the bakes suggested by the host. Since am the host of January, i challenged the group members with French baked goodies.

Recipe Source: Cuisine Facile

100grms Dark chocolate (chopped roughly)
3nos Egg yolks
1cup Fresh cream
1/2cup Milk
2tbsp Powdered sugar

Take the milk,cream in a vessel and bring it to boil.

Once they starts boiling remove it from the flame and add in the chocolate.

Stir it until the chocolate gets well melted.

Meanwhile in a bowl, beat the egg yolks with sugar.

Slowly add the chocolate cream mixture to the egg yolk mixture and beat until they gets well mixed.

Strain this mixture and pour it in ramekins or else in small bowls (which fits for baking)

Preheat the oven to 340F.

Bring boil 2cups of water in a vessel, pour this hot water in a tray and place the ramekin in it.

Bake for 30-35minutes.

Let it cool completely, wrap it and place in fridge for atleast two hours.

Enjoy this cream with some whipped cream or else with some caramel bites.

You may see the creme not cooked in the center after baking, dont worry they will turn hard once they gets chilled.

Dont bake this cream more than 30-35minutes, else they will get harden later and wont taste good.

Egg yolks need to be at room temperature.

You can add sugar more or less as per your need.


  1. yummy very inviting dish. I am yet to try this. Will try soon.

  2. Your baked chocolate cream looks very pretty and yummy in those heart shaped bowl.

  3. Looks very delicious and love the presentation too. Today i am going to try this.

  4. i really want to make these very soon, provided i get the opportunity, because these look so tempting...

  5. Wow! Baked chocolate this easy desert

  6. Def eggs makes baked goods rich .This chocolate looks absolute divine

  7. Mouth watering chocolate cream

  8. awesome recipe..wonderful step wise picture...

  9. YUmmy one....I have always admired those molds too!!


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