Thursday, May 30, 2013

Eggless Donuts

I have seen rarely my kids saying no to Donuts here, especially my daughter go crazy whenever she saw donuts in our nearby bakery. Somehow i never tried my hands for making donuts at home eventhough its not a hard task when compared to bread baking. Finally, this month i got a chance to make these eggless donuts coz our this month's Baking Eggless, owned by Gayathri and the host of the month Jayanthi of Sizzling Veggies pulled us to make this incredible fried yeasted beauties.Honestly these eggless donuts tasted simply awesome when compared to the store bought ones we get here, obviously never am gonna buy them also for my knowledge store bought ones are much more expensive than the homemade ones, next time am going to make these eggless donuts as baked ones.

Before few days, my kids were in vacation and obviously to keep them busy, one afternoon we started making these eggless donuts. We had loads of fun and lil one had a great time in dipping the donuts in the chocolates. We made some with dark chocolate glaze and some with cinnamon sugar, both turned out extremely addictive and it was really hard to keep ourselves away from these fried beauties.

3cups All purpose flour
1tsp Active dry yeast
1cup Luke warm milk
1/4cup Sugar
1/2tsp Salt
2tbsp Butter (room temperature)
Oil for frying

Take the yeast, a tsp of sugar in luke warm milk and let it sit for few minutes until its turns foamy.

Meanwhile in a large bowl,take the sugar,butter and flour.

Mix them well with a wooden spoon, add now the foamy yeast and turn everything as smooth and elastic dough.

Place the dough in a greased bowl and keep aside in a warm place to doube.

After two hours, transfer the dough to a floured surface, roll it gently as a thick circle.

Use a dount cutter or use a small  bowl to cut the donuts.

Leave them again aside for half an hour to rise again.

Heat enough oil for deep frying,gently slide the rised donuts to the hot oil and fry them until they turns golden brown.

Drain the excess oil with a paper towel.

Cinnamon sugar:
1tbsp Cinnamon
4tbsp Powdered sugar

Mix both cinnamon and powdered sugar in a plate, roll well the deep fried donuts in this cinnamon sugar, enjoy.

Dark chocolate glaze:
2tbsp Cream
150grms Dark chocolate chunks
1tbsp Sugar
1tbsp Water

Take the sugar,water,dark chocolate chunks in a bowl, heat it in double boiler.

Once the chocolate starts melting, add the cream and stir it as smooth and silky glaze.

Dip the fried donuts in this glaze and let them sit in a wire rack.

Sprinkle generously the sugar pearls and enjoy.


  1. Donuts at home! you never cease to amaze me Priya. They look cute. I too haven't tried making them yet. Bookmarking this.

  2. Looks very delicious. Eggless, wow looks perfect.

  3. Very nice Priya. They look no different from the ones sold at the bakeries. Thanks for sharing

  4. Looks yummy n temping... Gonna try this weekend

  5. these looks so yumm and can have atleast 5 in one

  6. Though I am not a big fan of donuts, my mom loves them big time. Since she has turned vegetarian now I guess this recipe is a keeper. Love those choco donuts in the pic !

  7. donuts looks delicious, want to grab one!

  8. Priya, I must try this ASAP, my kids will love it....and the pic looks so perfect...just like from a food magazine...

  9. Cute and yummy donuts..lovely !

  10. Never thought preparing donut in home is so easy.. Nice explanation.. Love to grab the chocolate coated donut..

  11. Wow, super tempting donuts. Love that it is eggless too

  12. wow.. this is a great concidence.. i m typing this comment eating donuts..ofcourse store bought.. urs looks yummy.. gr8.. :)

  13. They looks adorable, Wish I were your neighbour ;)

  14. Wow! Delightful treat.. Loved these cute donuts Priya :-)

  15. This looks droolworthy Priya!! I wish I could have one....!!

  16. i never tried this sis looks great...pass some to me aks..

  17. So so yummy looking donuts.. I want to ave one...

  18. wow eggless version turned out superb n looks very professtional sis :-)

  19. tempting clicks,looks so irresistible.

  20. the donuts look so delicious. I can imagine how much fun it must have been to make them along with your kids.

  21. Oh god Priya ...drooling here...I want to grab a few

  22. i'm yet to try donuts akka :) will try this..

  23. Looks so delicious. Cannot stop starin at them.

  24. Looks so good akka. would love to come over

  25. You are giving the professional donut bakers a run for their money with these Priya. I don't believe this is the first time your made them, they look perfectly done.

  26. just no words to say, beautiful, and so easy,
    my both the kids love donuts,
    soon I will make these and surprise them when they are back from the school


  27. Looks so beautiful! My daughter surely loves it!

  28. Gorgeous donuts Priya. Both the topping look awesome...

  29. i have to try making an eggless version.. also the chocolate glazed one.. they look soooo good


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